iterative in a sentence

Example sentences for iterative

Research on the iterative process that good writers use has informed the curriculum and instruction as well.
Our process is iterative which is the secret sauce to coming up with good ideas.
The iterative books will be much richer than the old ones.
Technical people more often proceed through balancing tradeoffs, and iterative refinement.
There are a lot of iterative interface enhancements that make it more usable.
During data collection this process is typically iterative and can change as new information is gathered.
Their games are always-in-development, iterative projects that evolve as users clamor for new features.
But it comes with the territory when you have a culture of iterative innovation, they say.
It is my opinion that this is why iterative, agile and prototyping approaches to software development have become so popular.
Science is the process of deriving generalizations from the iterative testing of hypotheses through experimentation.
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