iterations in a sentence

Example sentences for iterations

It is a gradual process with many iterations in between.
The presence of two or more iterations of a mission statement could seriously undermine and devalue their role.
There are going to be some iterations to fix flaws in construction and design.
At previous iterations of the meeting, that is exactly what happened in each workshop.
In place of vision and placating empathy, he seems to offer only droning iterations.
Hall was impressively resourceful in playing three distinct iterations of the common geek.
Whatever the starting conditions, a computer can go through through millions of iterations to see how traits spread.
And, at first, it went through a few iterations of the best media and ways to do that.
His network has come up with lively iterations of powerful television concepts.
Additional evaluations of the iterations parameter are recommended for future efforts.
It is also critical that the number of iterations should match.
These iterations vary from problem to problem and will also vary depending on how many processors are used.
More iterations will take longer to run but can provide more accurate results.
Multiple sub-iterations of the numerical method may be needed to remove these errors.
The maximum number of iterations may be set by the user.
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