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Example sentences for iteration

The current iteration of supermarkets is in reality a bit of a pox upon our house.
But you don't need to see every iteration to know that it is happening anyway.
The latter iteration came to be known as the stein, though the two seem to be used interchangeably.
If the algorithms were successful at moving the robots closer to a target, they'd be used in the next iteration.
Click here for the latest iteration and here for technical background.
Waiting for technology to tweak better in its next iteration is foolish.
Our next iteration of designs will be aimed at addressing these problems.
Important genes usually exist in multiple copies, in case one iteration gets damaged.
But the newest iteration is that the firm is pulling strings in the market meltdown and bailout.
Its popularity prompted another iteration the following week.
Please forgive a new iteration of this oft-asked question, but here is my situation.
The console version will be based on the upcoming third iteration of the game.
After using the course model in its latest iteration, he reported perfect attendance.
Repeating any process again and again to come near to an end state is called iteration.
Each iteration is fairly cheap and fundamentally different from the others.
It was never in the cards to get there in a single, first-of-its-kind design iteration.
Also, you double the number of significant digits after every iteration instead of getting only one new digit as in long division.
It is true that this is what you said, and it is still utter garbage on a second or third iteration.
We consistently refuse to pay for care-giving in this country, and this is the latest iteration of that problem.
Otherwise, in the next iteration of this crisis, the global capital market will intervene.
It's the fighter jet effect, each new iteration becomes exponentially more expensive.
Each new iteration produced more canonical information.
Or maybe it will be appended to the next iteration of this one.
Yet another iteration of a six-year crisis over who will rule the country paralyzed an already feeble government.
Each iteration features a different group of universities and domestic manufacturer as co-sponsor.
It terminates the current iteration of the loop and proceeds directly to the next.
The process stops after an iteration where no feature additions result in an improvement in accuracy.
At each iteration a quadratic model of the energy potential is solved by a conjugate gradient inner iteration.
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