itemize in a sentence

Example sentences for itemize

As they answer, itemize the ingredients of the foods and have the students identify which ingredients are grown locally.
Many retirees who no longer pay a lot of mortgage interest don't have large enough deductions to itemize.
To itemize these elements isn't to say they can't be powerful.
People who itemize their tax returns are the people in the top two tax brackets.
Name insurance company of each policy and itemize surrender or refund value of each.
Expenses supports the ability to itemize lodgings with different room rates.
However, taxpayers who file using paper returns and itemize their deductions still might miss that deduction.
The special deduction is available regardless of whether taxpayers itemize deductions on their returns.
Also, you should itemize if you do not qualify for the standard deduction.
Businesses must itemize personal property and equipment declaring the date of acquisition and original purchase price.
Others should itemize because they do not qualify for the standard deduction.
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