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Still, having the item sent out for drawings to be made and then the part machined from solid metal would have taken weeks.
All that one needs to do is look at the last paragraph in this news item.
The news item, it turned out, was a sequel to a major story of a year and a half earlier.
Participate in writing content and all other facets of item development.
The permanent crafted toothpick also became a notable dowry item.
These wraps take little work and are a great travel or on-the-go item.
Anyone can contribute new items or edit an existing item.
When what purports to be the same item is re-scanned at some later date, it should show the same pattern of speckle.
If for any reason your purchase does not satisfy you, simply return the item for a prompt full refund or exchange.
The sciences are a branch of human endeavor in which ideas are the main item of commerce, the principle coin of the realm.
It's one of my favorite foods, and an essential pantry item for anyone interested in quick cooking.
The owners order the item and post it to their bidding website, and the price starts at zero.
The appeal of honey as an item for refined taste is actually not so new.
Please note that the box for this item may differ from what is pictured here.
Grover's algorithm would enhance the state in the system corresponding to the desired item and suppress the others.
Monetarily, it's hardly worth keeping, except as a historic collector's item worth thousands of dollars.
It can often be less expensive than buying a comparable off-the-shelf item.
Hardware companies are in the business of convincing you to buy the hottest new item.
Aim high when selling-the risk of not selling the item altogether rises, but so does the final price.
The mayor also wants to have soda excluded as an item that can be purchased using food stamps.
Perhaps you didn't realize that dollhouse miniature brothels are a collectors' item.
Ask yourself how best to show off the item you want to buy.
Here is a quick view of the item for last week's what the heck is this.
Each item is carefully coded to help visitors understand the items history and significance.
Item-based filtering works by periodically taking a snapshot of everybody's item rankings.
Today coffee is considered by scientific knowledge as a benign item of the human nutrition.
In fact without water, the grain needed to make bread or any other food item would never even get harvested.
One item not mentioned is periodic catastrophic flooding.
Either way, this isn't really a user-serviceable item.
Nothing should ever be brought up in dept meetings without being an action item.
Her item was a short one, but it was noticed by several newspapers.
The owner began selling fries and cheese curds in a bag as a take-out item.
The only problem is that you need a special plug for each item.
The iPod went on to become the leading digital music player and a must-have fashion item.
The new item is a spicy round cake that is expected to have a natural fall appeal.
Any badly sorted item will cause a whole sorted skip to go to land-fill.
Perhaps the first item on the discussion agenda should be a re-examination of the dissertation task itself.
Each item had to be scrupulously weighed because each cost its weight in fuel.
Stories open up below the stream, where in my limited experience an unusable piece of the full item seemed to be the norm.
Players may choose any item to represent them on the board.
The item and the word for it go to the bottom of the screen.
People have to start thinking of wood as a luxury item rather than an inexpensive resource.
When he opened a bag, he purposefully examined each item.
The lists bore little resemblance to one another-except for the first item.
She placed the item on the board's agenda one day before its next public meeting.
Take the dead-letter drop, where an item can be left inconspicuously and securely for someone else to pick up.
He could ask for things-and would reject a proffered item and ask again if it was not what he wanted.
There is no need to take the item to a shop or ship it.
Our second example of a masque has added to the first the important item of the pageant or car.
In fact, champagne was the heaviest item of expenditure always.
The quality of the travel rations given to us was good, except in the important item of meat.
So for years to come, many more households will be firmly focused on saving, splashing out only occasionally on a big-ticket item.
It enables the production of a single item quickly and cheaply-and then another one after the design has been refined.
It's too big of a budget item in this high-deficit world to do in isolation.
Now imagine that upgrading the item in question requires you to have surgery.
Businesses could pore over them item-by-item in an effort to undercut established contractors.
They complain that moneylenders advance only a fraction of the item's value.
Contrary to popular belief, not every item in the stores costs a dollar.
Each item gets a one-page synopsis, a clear and short and simple but comprehensive description.
Be wary of research that hinges its major conclusions about an outcome variable on a single self-report item.
Not every library item can go online tomorrow with patrons charged no fees for access.
Possession of such an item allows the owner to counteract the negativity that surrounds it.
Researchers provided males with potential gifts-either a fly or an inedible item, such as a bit of cotton.
Based on your response, the next item is either easier or harder.
But add it all up and home technology has become a significant item in the household budget.
Maintaining the physical plant is the second highest budget item.
The central item is the payroll tax extension and expansion.
The other half is much simpler, a list with one item: open war against anyone who resists his rule.
My methods involved personal reflection for a good ten minutes before sitting down to write this item.
But another interesting item in the piece was how often the guy gets confused for someone that he's not.
By the turn of the century corrections are likely to be the largest item in many state budgets.
Worse, there's absolutely no evidence that banning a clothing item helps anybody at all.
Salmon tartare-eye-catching, fun, hip and tasty-has become a popular menu item in many top restaurants.
We ordered a shipment sent to our kitchen for sampling, and our tasters rated every last item as excellent.
Yet his statement's closing quip makes it clear that his choice of item was carefully attuned to its moment.
The news item ended and was replaced on the screen by a picture of a reservoir that had run dry in the long drought.
Discipline was the third item of concern for eighteenth-century defenders of militias.
But despite all this effort, one item in particular could not be counted with precision: people.
The device is an infrared reader: push a button, and a laser beam reads the bar code of the targeted item.
Bar-code scanners register when workers have packed an item and signal the next robot to move into position.
To make it useful, put the tax on the item as it comes into our nation as well as items being sent out from manufacturers.
Now every package carries coupons and other marketing literature along with the purchased item.
The user quickly finds an item of personal interest that he or she wants to share with someone else.
Finally, the students were told to write down the maximum figure they would be willing to spend for each item.
Clothing retailers still face the problem of single-item purchases.
They say it was a fake item in the papers, made up to increase circulation.
Fair enough-that's a big-ticket item for a small tour.
As their form dictates, the postcards take a matter of seconds to read and view, but have the permanence of a collector's item.
Every item is linked to the relevant product and purchasing information.
They want to be seen wearing an item that hardly anyone else owns but that everyone will recognize as exclusive.
Air and ground pollution actually reduces due to the average disposed item degrading quicker than the alternative.
Even an item as small as a penny was impossible to cloak-until two big advances last year.
For self check out if you want to remove an item, you have to get a clerk.
But when a species dies, an item of natural uniqueness is gone forever.
Notice how the one missing item from the list was legal and illegal immigration.
And the fire-breathing mommy dragon must be defeated in order to obtain the second item needed for escape-fire.
Curl the sides of the seaweed sheet upwards, similar to a sushi item one might conceivably purchase at a restaurant.
Many a preppy has an item from a vintage shop or a lost-and-found bin at the club that was tailored and looks incredibly chic.
For over a year they have been an agenda item for almost all our meetings.
Every few months the papers carried a new item about a fistfight or car accident.
Every week, it seemed, the papers ran another item predicting its demise.
The best-selling item is a cotton tea towel, pink with white polka dots.
Only problem is, you've searched high and low and still haven't found that hot-item toy.

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