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We shook uncertain over our toil, our sodden clothes scalding and itching the skin with every movement of the swinging hammers.
And when they did, all that aching and sweating and itching was forgotten.
Gentle stimulation of pressure receptors can result in ticklishness, gentle stimulation of pain receptors in itching.
The gunmetal-gray launches are revving their engines impatiently, itching to begin their nightly chase after smugglers.
But about three years later, she was itching to work again.
And the new group is itching to publish your university's deepest secrets.
There's espousing a non-standard view from different life experiences and then there's putting itching powder down shirts.
Homes were affordable again, and families who had spent two years shedding debt were itching to buy something big.
Additionally, nerve endings are stimulated, leading to the sensation of itching.
So scratching seems to relieve the unpleasant feelings that accompany, well, itching.
With fruit piled high at your farmers market this month, you're probably itching to bake.
The cardboard cutout of the movie star squints back in utter disgust, as if itching to gun him down.
So if you're itching to try out the beta, you'll be able to soon enough.
And it's also clear that there are a lot of deep pockets itching for a ride.
Of course, the government's not exactly itching to share its secrets.
Even the younger generation, with little memory of the anti-colonial struggle, does not seem to be itching for change.
Ever since, the governor has been itching to raise them again-in order to return a measure of normality to monetary affairs.
To stop itching and swelling, apply raw tomato to insect bites.
If necessary, take an antihistamine, or apply creams that reduce itching.
Doctors advise against warm treatments, which can intensify itching.
Itching usually occurs several hours after the chiggers attach to the skin.
Itching, which is sometimes intense, almost always occurs.
Reddening of the eyes develops quickly and is accompanied by itching and tearing.
Stress does not cause the condition, but anxiety, anger and frustration can make itching worse.
It is used to relieve arthritic pain and may help psoriatic itching.
They cause an intense inflammatory response that leads to a rash and severe itching.
Corticosteroid creams or ointments or other soothing skin medications may relieve discomfort from itching and rash.
However getting bacitracin in your eyes may cause redness and some pain and itching.
However getting bacitracin zinc in your eyes may cause redness and some pain and itching.
The duration increases with each treatment until the skin clears or the patient experiences itching or irritation.
Still, it's the kind of part he specializes in: the canny outsider itching to outsmart the system.
At first they showed the typical allergic reactions: lots of itching, coughing and reddening of the skin.
If you're itching for more, you can opt for the advanced canopy tour after you've completed the first tour.
The good news is that while bedbugs can cause itching, they don't transmit serious diseases.
Teams itching to make moves with winter meetings on tap.
Every welt becomes a persistent, exquisitely itching preoccupation that continues to irritate for days and even weeks.
The activity of this family of mites in the skin creates an allergic reaction that causes the itching.
Over-the-counter, anti-itching cream for insect bites can help relieve the itching.
Grown-ups are itching to ditch work for a week or two.
If you're not itching now, you will be by the time you're done reading this column.
You've got a secret that you're itching to tell, but not quite yet.

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