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He thinks of talking to her but he's sure it'd make her cry.
It'd be tiring to drive in it for more than two hours.
If this cheese had a mouth, it'd be smoking a pipe and drinking rum.
It'd make shows a lot less predictable-and formulaic.
It might look weird, but it'd be a real-life use of augmented reality that's actually useful.
It'd be interesting to survey hand gestures in common usage by people around the world.
If gravity were anywhere near as strong as those, it'd be able to pull atoms apart.
It'd be morally bankrupt for us to rely on it as a solution.
Obviously some of this could be compensated for in development, but it'd be interesting to see how these polymorphisms affect it.
It'd be neat to see such chaos unfold in zero gravity.
It'd be vastly different from what it is now: densely populated, polluted, and nature-less.
It'd be interesting to see the study repeated with other languages.
It'd be interesting to see the cost comparison break-down.
Of course, it'd have to be mandated by a public referendum, since the government will never voluntarily fix itself.
But if you're a student or professor of media studies, it'd be worth a download-if he ever decides to put it online.
If you had it in a hanging basket, it'd be extra safe.
It'd be kind of a pain to switch right now, but it could be done.
Then it'd trickle down and the cycle would start again.
It'd be rather dull to only recite our own direct experiences.
Remove everything pointless from an imperfect life, and it'd lose even its imperfection.
So it'd be easy to imagine that liquid mirrors have revolutionised astronomy.
It'd be sweet for riding quietly through the woods on trails or logging roads or whatever.
It'd be interesting to see this chart sorted by total losses.
Otherwise it'd be entertain and you'd be paying or earning virtually nothing.
It'd be better not to spend that in the first place.
It'd be interesting to see how well their democracies hold up in an era of little growth, joblessness and economic decline.
Since their government is unable to exact taxes from its citizens, it'd all come from the spending side.
Reintroduction of local currencies in these countries is impossible, as it'd trigger bank runs and complete economic collapse.
That's why it'd be best to do it as some sort of national sales tax.
It'd certainly be interesting to see what transpires over these next few years.
It'd be abnormal, bad and wrong to have no complainers.
So as a product moves through the supply chain, it'd be checked for authenticity every step of the way.
The test is taken online, meaning it'd theoretically be available in far-out regions where crews often operate.
Sure, but his ego is probably why it'd never happen.
It'd be between three and four times cheaper to send people there and then leave them there.
But it'd be so much easier to take coming from you, especially if you sing it.
But it'd take us four days to get through all the layers.
So it'd be unwise to think too much of yourself for ending up on the right side of history.
It'd be interesting to compare this to a vocab exam on high school seniors to see if that has changed.
So it'd be interesting to see the regional variation once you account for these environmental issues.
If you got close enough to the sun where a small disc would block a large area at the planet's orbit, it'd be doable.
Instead, it'd be the communication and social effects that would dominate.
It'd be interesting to see whether self-confidence remained a good indicator there.
Off it'd go, evincing the brilliance you were hoping for.
It'd be a major disaster especially since how the heck do you get the clean up crews and equipment up there.
If every drop of rocket fuel were diverted to the highways, it'd hardly make a dent.
If that's all there was to it, then it'd still be possible to escape.
If you grabbed a single marble for your sample, either it'd be red or it'd be blue.
It couldn't-maybe today it'd be this way and this afternoon it'd be something different.
It'd been so long since anyone had gotten into it, no one could find a key, so they called a locksmith.
If you grabbed a single marble for your sample, either it'd be red and or it'd be blue.
It'd be better for patients and taxpayers if every organization opted for meaningful transparency and disclosure.
It'd be one thing if tax increases actually were used to reduce the deficit, but that's not what happens.

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