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Isolating, affixing, symbolic-this also seemed insufficient for the reason that it laid too much stress on technical externals.
Only by isolating this feature can the comic effect be obtained which spreads in our memory over the whole picture.
The streets are vibrant and dreary, crowded and isolating, and make endlessly fascinating theater.
And yet driving can be a profoundly isolating experience.
Once they arrive at a new location, they quickly settle in for the long haul, genetically isolating themselves.
Scientists today are isolating chemicals that may help ailing heart, bone, and brain.
Tilting the camera, framing the scene off-balance, and isolating or combining pictorial elements are other compositional options.
Then it is time to do the real work: inching through the movement, isolating, perfecting.
Its notion of solitude was harsher, more adversarial, more isolating.
Life for advanced graduate students is inherently isolating-and that isolation can easily stall a dissertation.
Technology should be employed only in the service of building a stronger community, not isolating people in their cubicles.
So often students tell us they didn't realize how isolating graduate study was.
Too often, academic work can be a damned isolating endeavor.
Mood disorders are terribly painful illnesses, and they are isolating illnesses.
But he has done a masterly job of identifying and isolating the discrepant traditions within the faith.
Until now, isolating these cells from blood has been lengthy and technically challenging.
What was once considered ingenious may no longer be, as isolating genes gets easier and more routine.
However, the pathways that bring information to and from those regions shut down dramatically, thus isolating them metabolically.
Technology, while it presents possibilities for contacting others, also presents possibilities for isolating us from others.
The first step in isolating an enzyme from a microbe is to break open a gob of cells.
Success is almost as isolating and nothing points out vanity as well.
The storage hold was an isolating place to hide, cut off even from sounds by the clattering of a water pump overhead.
The isolating factor would likely be socio-economic and cultural rather than geographic.
Isolating single components often leads to side effects and increased allergies.
In particular, the clusters are good at isolating their core metal atoms from environmental influences.
Without locking down and isolating a single variable, there is no true way of knowing whether or not these claims hold true.
My first response was a live and let live one, achieved by isolating ourselves from in-tolerant societies.
When you're isolating the substance you're after, that other stuff has to go somewhere.
The interior is coated with sound-isolating open-cell acoustic foam.
Pool tables, mini-lounges, and snack zones draw people toward the center of the space rather than isolating them around the edges.
The lack of clarity reflects a fundamental problem in economics: the difficulty of isolating individual factors.
Creating global operations may spread risks rather than isolating them when a vital factory is closed.
The key lies in isolating the proteins-known as olfactory receptors-that are at the sharp end of the sense of smell.
After all, they are the ones who insist on cutting us off from other countries and isolating them.
While this immune response can protect the brain by isolating the infection, it can also do more harm than good.
Noise-isolating headphones fit snugly inside the ear and seal out outside sound.
Study highlights difficulty of isolating effect of prayer on patients.
It makes it so the work that you do isn't isolating and horrible.
Far from being isolating, a rational, scientific way of thinking could be unifying.
Yet substantial wealth, especially when it's acquired suddenly and early, can be both isolating and debilitating.
Life without parole accomplishes that by permanently isolating him from the rest of us.
Push buttons, selector switches and other control circuit type devices are not energy isolating devices.

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