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It would not affect the recipient's ability to isolate the secret strand.
As stated above, they administrators only have to isolate and punish one faculty member and the rest shut up.
Instrumental variables help to isolate causal relationships.
The waters that lap their beaches isolate them from the pipelines and grids that deliver cheaper electricity on the mainland.
We could try to isolate her, of course, and then she'd have her own food and water.
The scientists did not isolate a virus from a fossil.
One step is to isolate a nation and demonize its leaders.
The new isolate may also encode a few novel gene products whose function is, as yet, unknown.
The dense early morning fog and dusk light isolate this beautiful oak tree creating a mysterious mood.
Had a smart grid been in place, it might have helped isolate the outage and prevent it from spreading.
Microbiology, because you must isolate the bacteria or virus.
And it was all but impossible to isolate one event from the other.
He also tracks our national compulsion to isolate criminals, discussing the history of reform.
In part this drive to isolate the country is deliberate.
Try to isolate an area on the leg that is in good condition and has two parallel seams.
But no one could figure out how to isolate the genes involved.
It is completely possible to live with them after being bitten after you isolate the problem and get it handled.
Chemists spent a century trying to isolate it, and several died in the attempt.
Basically, if you have a gene patent, it means you've managed to isolate a new gene from a microbe and it's yours to profit from.
Teachers would be trained how to isolate these kids and advance them as candidates for these grants.
To find out, psychologists conducted a series of experiments to isolate nature from the equation.
If you can isolate yourself totally from the stream of yammering humanity, do it for the first draft.
They were able to isolate the pheromone the flower uses to drive the hornets wild.
We could isolate children from adults and each other, eliminating the risk of immoral acts entirely.
Combining the two instruments' data will help isolate the confounding effects of atmospheric dust.
The goal should be to isolate extremists from the communities in which they live.
The aliens isolate the city via a power barrier and begin slaughtering the inhabitants for food.
Investors' attempts to isolate alpha from beta have taken several forms.
The next step will be to isolate the gene and determine precisely how it causes hearing loss.
Until now, no one has been able to isolate or study the virus and there has been no accurate test to detect it.
He helped isolate one factor in agglutination, or clumping, of platelets in blood plasma.
Yoga: the meditative breathing exercises that isolate and release tension and channel the flow of positive energy in the body.
The fastest way to replace a rival executive is to discredit and isolate him first.
Also, some areas of study are easy to isolate than others.
But all compulsive patients tend to repeat, to isolate their actions from others and to subject them to a rhythmic sequence.
Today, breeders isolate females and let them choose mates from among the available males.
Society has concluded that prisons are in existence to punish and isolate the lawless.
But academics struggled for a long time to isolate those differences.
At some penitentiaries officials placed hoods over the heads of newcomers to isolate them from other inmates.
So we've had to get better sound systems and isolate the sound.
Olfactory receptors, the proteins responsible for the sense of smell, are notoriously difficult to isolate in the lab.
Our technology lets you make millions of different keys, try them all at once, and isolate the single one that fits.
It's a language not closely related to any other that still exists: to use the linguists' term, an isolate.
Using the sun to backlight and isolate the ski jumper creates a feeling of flight that is both quiet and intense.
The causes for major market moves are always difficult to isolate.
According to department protocols, the police should have attempted to isolate these rogue elements.
The scientists undertook to isolate the souring agent.
Humans struggle to isolate themselves from it, hiding in overheated houses, taking winter holidays in hot climates.
Unfortunately, it is extremely tricky to isolate the impact of changes in fiscal policy.
Attempting to isolate a single factor, as this debate has done, is always bound to be subject to limitations.
As for the record, it is difficult to isolate his contribution with precision.
The answer is to isolate the stem cells before the grinding starts.
We need to isolate the highest areas of concern before they spill over into other areas and bring the entire region down.
We cannot isolate the brain from life experience and the environment.
Scientists isolate the animal genes that trigger the production of a specific protein and insert them into a plant's seed.
There is no way to isolate a juror or anyone else from the pervasive media and their chorus of messages.
They are so well connected they were able to isolate this one case.
The trick was how to isolate one long polymer molecule.
The sequence had to be easy to isolate but couldn't jump inexplicably from one organism to another, as some genes do.
Once researchers learn to isolate genes, though, they still have to figure out how to introduce them into viruses.
Whatever the impact of plastics exposure, the effects are not easy to isolate.
If you can look at two galaxies that are alike except in one way, it's easier to isolate the cause.
They must first find a sick animal, look for a telltale retrovirus enzyme, and then isolate the virus.
When you isolate one segment of a population, you often get extreme behavior.
Once you have a mutant fly, you isolate the mutant gene, then its normal counterpart.
The scientists conclude that the slime mold has some way of telling apart cells of its own isolate from others.
These bacteria are obligate autotrophs, so they don't grow on any of the media used to isolate pathogens.
It is not so easy to isolate discrimination in her case.
Kids who can't add or multiply in their head, don't understand scientific notation, and can't isolate a variable.
It is to isolate, marginalize and render impotent the other side.
They isolate the prominent symptoms of the illness and attempt to suppress them by a kind of conditioning technique.
But before they could do so, the researchers had to find a way to identify and isolate them from surrounding cells.
Neutral atoms are easy to isolate from their environment and so may turn out to be useful for quantum computing.
To that end, she is developing cell-handling methods to isolate and amplify immature liver cells from donor organs.
Click any piece of the interactive to isolate or combine data.
Turn your non-exercising leg in to stabilize your pelvis and your stretching leg out to isolate the outer hip.
Your nose and throat begin secreting extra mucus in an attempt to isolate the irritants.
The findings may help researchers isolate the gene that predisposes people to migraines and engineer more effective treatments.
But glia in the brain are much more difficult to study because they are harder to isolate, image and grow in the lab.
To isolate the invaders, honeybees construct small chambers around the beetles, but do not seal them off completely.
By killing others they isolate themselves and are shunned by the larger society and thus miss out on education and jobs.
To do this, you have to get hold of a sample and isolate it.
Research suggests psychopaths emotionally isolate themselves from non-psychopaths because they process emotions differently.
The understandable focus to isolate problems for easier solutions is, in this case, not seeing the forest for the trees.
People with severe depression isolate and can become overwhelmed by social interaction, often to the point of becoming bed-bound.
Its pretty easy to isolate the location of spoofed traffic as well.
The studies have mainly focused on how to isolate the active ingredients so that it can be patented as a drug.
Two groups independently isolate the hereditary defect responsible for some forms of colon cancer.
He found ways to take control of and isolate his members from their families and from the outside.
Abusers succeed, she says, when they can isolate the parent.
It is more easy to remember, and to isolate from other issues.

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