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Print is a proper vehicle for the latter, but it isn't for the former.
Well, but he isn't sent to school for that-at any rate, not for that mainly.
It isn't becoming to you, really-except as an obvious pose.
Even though polystyrene forks are not biodegradable, keeping and reusing them isn't a great idea.
Sometimes the best defense isn't a good offense-it's a good diet.
Freezing organs isn't an option, as the cells dehydrate.
Elephant ears radiate heat to help keep these large animals cool, but sometimes that isn't enough.
If there isn't enough of the gas, temperatures go down.
Mutation isn't the only adverse effect of the radiation.
Making sense of the brain's mind-boggling complexity isn't easy.
There isn't a shred of evidence, no track record of safety or scientific expertise.
Sometimes reading for homework isn't that bad, because you can end up reading some amazing books.
It's found along with oxygen in plain old water, but it isn't there for the taking.
Airplane turbulence isn't as dangerous as it might seem.
The writer of this blog isn't the creator of said exhibit.
Fast food isn't the only factor in rising obesity rates.
Nutritionists must alter diets whenever an otter isn't eating his biscuits or an armadillo has a peanut allergy.
Then-since welding isn't possible-the joints are wrapped with fiber.
All that it has to offer isn't proportion to its population.
The search for life in the universe, however, isn't confined to the rovers' path.
The goal is to locate a monkey that isn't busy doing something else and isn't distracted by other monkeys.
But opening up semi-arid lands to small farmers isn't going to help them either.
But it isn't likely to appear anytime soon in a dictionary.
Yet existing capital stock isn't even being replaced quickly enough to prevent its average age from increasing.
He isn't for sale, he doesn't always tell us what ever it will take to get elected.
Therefore infinite copyright isn't good for the general public.
When chickens roost at night, sleep isn't all they do.
Altering the ecosystem in your garden isn't always an option.
Building the obelisk isn't that difficult if you have good tools and basic carpentry skills.
Fish isn't the only thing in the ocean worth eating.
But somehow the same scent isn't so attractive in an ornamental plant.
We were amazed that it really, truly isn't that difficult to make cheese.
They're flowering now, which means that potato formation isn't far off.
If you host large parties, you need a backyard that lures out some of the crowd so everyone isn't stuck in the same place.
And the lavender isn't the haze of blue the way it was a few months ago.
Much loved for its tea rose fragrance, it isn't hardy.
Also, what you're refuting isn't whether the globe is warming or not, rather what's causing it.
All of the snow and chilly temps this winter almost convinced us that global warming isn't happening, after all.
But it's also possible that bad singing isn't actually caused by bad hearing.
The aftermath of burning a mountain of coal isn't pretty.
Furthermore whether or not defects inherently render someone more capable in other aspects isn't even being asked.
The new addition, which isn't yet named, brings the dwarf planet's number of known satellites to four.
There are many reasons why the geoid isn't a sphere.
You're complaining because the model isn't doing what you want it to do.
His successes make it clear, however, that imaginative genius isn't enough to advance a brainchild.
It isn't mind-reading, but you can sort of see how it could be confused for that.
He says the upshot will be that it will be possible to sue for damages to an ecosystem if the ecosystem isn't on your property.
If you live with animals, the real question isn't whether they can think or not.
The article's point was that meat that is cooked brown isn't necessarily safe.
And with the rise of skin reflectance measures the trait isn't that difficult to formulate mathematically actually.
Some forests have rebounded but the news isn't all good.
Security in the networked world of today isn't always the easiest to understand, we'll admit.
One of them has that hot gas, but the other is more indistinct and the detection of gas isn't as strong.
Thankfully, nuclear winter isn't going to befall us quite yet.
When the bacterium isn't stressed, the antidote keeps the toxin in check.
The crowd may be a social beast, but it isn't an indiscriminate one.
The number of fingers you have on your hand isn't heritable, it's inherited.
The comments are circulating fast, and the video isn't going away.
But for a variety of reasons, it isn't likely to accomplish anything.
The budget released today isn't about to become the law.
The way he lost one-third of his weight isn't for everyone.
Or in other words, there isn't much environmental groups can do to halt it.
For ethical poultry, a few expensive birds in the back yard isn't the answer.
Which isn't to say that games aren't also a solitary activity.
The alternative is that you can try to do something that isn't as far ahead.
Adding solar power to natural gas plants isn't a new idea, but it hasn't been economical without government subsidies.
However, some wonder why the price cut isn't more generous.
For solar panels to be useful when the sun isn't shining, the electricity they produce has to be stored.
Being a name brand battery isn't always a good indicator that a battery isn't one of those that might possibly explode.
The design ought to include an infrared filter that blocks any infrared light that isn't converted to green light.
The idea of enshrouding wind-turbine blades isn't new.
But exactly how this would affect the way they spring in and out of existence isn't clear.
To be sure, the idea of using biometrics to provide marketing insight isn't new.
But such machines can be pricey, as can the individual tests, and the technology isn't always available in community hospitals.
It's been tested, safety technologies have been put in place, and even in a catastrophic accident the public isn't put at risk.
While these sensors are wired and individually placed, their orientation isn't exact--that is, specific muscles aren't targeted.
The battery chemistry isn't new, the range isn't impressive, and so far the design doesn't seem that thrilling.
For instance, efficiency goes down if the material has defects or if the light isn't absorbed as the designers intended.
So the key isn't really separating the vegetables, it's that tomato base.
But with its bounty of tangy raspberries and topping of cinnamon-walnut streusel, this buckle isn't so far from coffeecake.
The heat isn't from chiles-it's actually from freshly ground white pepper.
Ambergris isn't actually a rock, however, and when crumbled it melts quickly.
But this crowded family-style restaurant, with its high-walled wooden booths and sawdust-covered floors, isn't about settling in.
He has to, because there isn't anybody else around to do it.
And it takes no longer than about three minutes to whip together, which isn't asking a lot to add to your morning routine.
Ask yourself if the thing is truly necessary and, if it isn't, then don't buy or do it for one month.
The result isn't as thick as a regular shake, but it is rich and effervescent and candy-land sweet-essence of soda fountain.
What comes out isn't a whole lot, but it's incredibly deep, almost murky with flavor.
But, even if it is true, what's best for the league isn't necessarily best for the players.
Or, hold on, maybe the newspaper isn't quite dead yet.
The end of the credit-card boom isn't going to wreak as much havoc as the end of the housing boom.
You're rich, and a small tax increase isn't going to rock your world.
In higher education, the reform story isn't so fully baked yet, but its main elements are emerging.
Rising inequality isn't only morally repugnant, he said, it is economically inefficient and damaging to the country.
Yet what is and isn't part of the mainstream is something that political campaigns determine.
The seventh probably belongs there, though its author isn't sure.
Which isn't to say that his notions about family narrative were identical to theirs.
So it isn't wrong, exactly, that the series is full of cameos by hip celebrities.
It isn't a tourist area so there's little street food available at night.
But that, in itself, isn't enough to turn a burst bubble into a catastrophe for the economy as a whole.
The smell isn't too bad, but it's a little high, so you smoke a cigar.
It is also impossible to tell how one feels while being tortured but it isn't only pain.
War is a lot of things and it's useless to pretend that exciting isn't one of them.
But the fact is, there isn't one living system that is stable or is improving.
It isn't, either, that she settles tennis' unstable hierarchy.
Erasure poetry-poetry created by removing words from an existing text to excavate new meaning-isn't new, but it's suddenly hot.
And then he burst into laughter, as only somebody who isn't particularly concerned with the prospect of eternal damnation could.
His seething undercurrent isn't solely a matter of temperament.
It's disrespectful because it's an important part of his vital job and he isn't doing it.
Smashing the window with a golf club isn't going to get the job done-it's time to put big government on the operating table.
But our sense of self isn't entirely based on dollars and cents.

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