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Example sentences for irritant

It contains crystals of calcium oxalate, an irritant deactivated by heat.
Regarded as a counter-irritant to slang, archaism is a failure.
The researchers then swabbed the ears of the mice with another known irritant-to simulate tissue damage from surgery.
Despite his full cooperation, he was sprayed in the face with chemical irritant, and put into restraints.
Skin irritant, will make it feel as though water is scalding.
Nitrogen oxides also contribute to the formation of ozone, a known irritant to the respiratory system.
Seems to me to be the result of an irritant on the skin.
For me the enigma remains, leaving me as an irritant to those who have attained certainty.
Some governments deem drug-counterfeiting a trivial offence, little more than a common irritant.
Public opinion is untroubled, or sees them as a mere irritant: an obscure, geeky sort of prankster.
There is a rub, however, though it has not proved too great an irritant until now.
Public housing, already in short supply, is one irritant.
But today the hopes of protest and politically irritant art have gone flat.
When kicked up by a strong northerly wind, the dust became a severe irritant, smoking the insurgents out of their caves.
It doesn't help that warming will also increase the production of ground-level ozone, a respiratory irritant that worsens asthma.
Natural pearls occur when foreign material, usually a stone or parasite, enters an oyster's shell and it can't expel the irritant.
While diarrhea is a major killer in developing countries, in the rich world it is usually no more than an irritant.
There were few surprises, and the only irritant was a mysterious buzzing in the cabin.
To him, tests were an irritant and a distraction from teaching.
When people without asthma breathe in and out deeply, the airways relax and open to rid the lungs of the irritant.
And his mercurial personality has been an irritant to teammates and coaches.
Numerous studies have shown marijuana smoke to contain carcinogens and to be an irritant to the lungs.

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Endlessly, time-honoured irritant, A bubble is restively forming at your tip. Burst it as fast as we can It... more
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