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Example sentences for irritable

He was tight-lipped and irritable on the stump: so much so that several journalists covering his campaign mounted a brief boycott.
The process of getting a license may be long and irritable, but it teaches the skills needed to be safe.
If she stops, she can't sleep or eat and becomes extremely restless, anxious and irritable.
It does affect his behaviour as he cannot sleep and thus becomes irritable and unhappy.
He said it improved his focus but he discontinued using it because it made him irritable.
They walk more slowly up the stairs and are more irritable when you hurry them along-or hurry by them.
After some of the convulsive struggles of our irritable nature, he submitted himself, and repented in dust and ashes.
He is as irritable as a poet and as full of his own importance as a film star.
Sam called for the third time, his voice raised and irritable.
Many of them felt constantly fatigued and irritable and the children had reddened eyes.
We get irritable-about it only when it threatens to upset our past as well as our future.
The comedy plays out with the peculiar irritable rancor of intimacy.
He rarely loses his temper, rarely allows himself to get annoyed or irritable.
They get downright irritable when someone calls it a fool's game or speculation.
The thought of organized group activities makes me tired and irritable.
We are not alone, those of us who indulge in procrastination and get irritable when grading.
When you hear it enough as a parent, it can make you pretty irritable, too.
That's not uncommon: she's having a rough time, and people get defensive and irritable when times are rough.
But all the while, the line behind me is getting longer and more irritable.
The disorder is more common in people with irritable bowel syndrome and chronic pain.
The aimless crowds who gather everywhere are shabbily dressed and irritable.
The vomiting is quickly followed by irritable and aggressive behavior.

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