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The poplar-trees watch beside the irrigation-ditches.
Dams, irrigation and now climate change have drastically reduced the once-mighty river.
You'd reduce water use and end runoff by recycling water in a closed irrigation system.
With the end of the drought, coupled with several major irrigation projects, the state's agricultural industry bounced back.
And dams allow irrigation, which can transform the land in the area, possibly leading to local climactic impacts.
Draining their sweat yields an endless supply of freshwater for drinking and irrigation.
The lakes provide irrigation, drinking water and recreation opportunities.
Unseen is the subsurface irrigation system, which is regulated by a high-tech on-site weather station.
Water long used for irrigation is being diverted to cities and towns.
Cheap railroad fares, the demand for harvest labor on railways and irrigation works, all tend to stimulate this movement.
They dug up his maize crops, beat up his farm workers, and removed and bent his irrigation pipes.
During the growing season, farmers pumped water in and out of the lake depending on irrigation requirements and rainfall amounts.
Different manufacturers' drip-irrigation components usually aren't interchangeable.
However, state legislators this year will consider a bill to permit the collection of water for irrigation.
Everything is watered with a drip irrigation system.
The best way to water vegetables in containers is with drip irrigation operated by an automatic controller.
After that the plants should manage with little irrigation.
We roped in family to create the drip irrigation system.
Be diligent about irrigation, especially for plants that need lots of water to thrive.
But the real back-breaking, health-destroying labour is that carried out by farmers who use irrigation.
It needs electricity to power industry and modern irrigation systems to create commercially viable farming.
Even without new seed varieties or fancy drip-feed irrigation, investment should help farmers.
Big irrigation projects have made the desert bloom and enabled an agro-export boom.
But an ideal roof would salvage the fresh water runoff into a cistern for plumbing for the building and irrigation needs.
So successful has some of this irrigation work been that the villagers have even reversed the usual patterns of immigration.
Efficient irrigation, for instance, would reduce freshwater withdrawals almost by half.
The irrigation gains they produce may be more than offset by the loss of the fertile land they inundate.
Farmers benefit from cheap irrigation water which, in turn, subsidises much of the world's food.
Then he walks around the corner to a bank, to raise a loan to buy a new irrigation pump.
Plants could also glow when they need water, to keep irrigation to a minimum.
There has been a long-term fall in investment in farming and the things that sustain it, such as irrigation.
Ostensibly its purpose is to provide more irrigation for local rice paddies, and some hydroelectricity.
It is a small price to pay for a quick and easy way to check whether, for instance, water is too briny for irrigation.
In the mean time even more efficient irrigation systems can be established.
Engineers define irrigation efficiency as water consumed divided by water applied or diverted.
Dams can and will be built to protect areas and retain water for irrigation.
The grey water could either be used for irrigation or processed in a similar fashion to how sewage is processed now.
It will also likely increase the use of potable water used for land irrigation, increase its cost and reduce its availability.
But he could identify roads, airport runways and irrigation ditches simply because they stood out in their environments.
Better irrigation and seed varieties can conserve water and reduce other ecological pressures.
Because it draws its own nutrients and water from the sea, it requires no fertilizer or irrigation.
Much of this is due to fossil fueled farming, fossil fuel produced fertilizer, and irrigation to name a few.
When this moisture is insufficient, farmers apply more water through irrigation.
Seasonal rain provides water for irrigation, drinking, and household needs.
It is often rerouted and used as irrigation on landscaping or crops.
More accurate rain forecasts would enable farmers to plan timely irrigation schedules and avoid floods.
Agriculture, which depends on water for irrigation, is threatened.
Water may also seep down to the water table from irrigation of plants and crops.
Key to the improvements are a new irrigation system and more consistent greens.
Clean water comes from watersheds, which is crucial in terms of human consumption and land irrigation.
Measuring evapotranspiration is critical in groundwater management because the data is often used to plan irrigation schedules.
There are a large number of plants that do well in our semiarid climate with little or no supplemental irrigation.
The mast, for instance, is recycled aluminum irrigation pipe.
People fleeing the drought moved south, where irrigation-fed agriculture was still sustainable.
Water condensation from the process is captured and used for irrigation.
Marginal land requires more intensive irrigation, and fertilizing.
Careful landscaping eliminates the need for pesticides and irrigation.
Try using nasal sprays, nasal irrigation with a salt water solution, nasal suctioning and using a humidifier for coughs and colds.
Specialized forms of colonic irrigation might be used before bowel surgery.
The irrigation teams operate on little sleep, catching a few hours in the dead of frozen night when nothing more can be done.
The reuse of water for irrigation and industry is increasing.
Irrigation has been around for as long as humans have been cultivating plants.
Overview, background and current issues on irrigation.
To efficiently water your landscape, irrigation clocks should be adjusted to follow the weather patterns.
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