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Example sentences for irrespective

It is a mortal sin to use the tax word irrespective of the cause or worthiness of the need.
Courage remains a virtue irrespective of its physiological basis.
Which means some people who take them will not be people who should be in college, irrespective of their financial status.
What is more, voters seem to be picking and choosing among the candidates irrespective of party affiliation.
The lobby power constrains irrespective of east or west or free market or socialist-communist.
Loyalty is its own form of virtue, irrespective of what informs it.
We view the ability to eat any food at any time of year, irrespective of its natural season, almost as a birthright.
His bad deeds would have occurred irrespective of the vicissitudes of his personal past.
The decision to take that cigarette was mine irrespective of what others thought.
The next primary election will be open to all voters irrespective of party affiliation.
The real cradle of anti-Semitism is the intolerance and prejudice that rear their ugly heads irrespective of national borders.
Such abusive comments will be deleted, irrespective of their other merits.
They insist on examining each candidate on his or her own merits, irrespective of party.
Irrespective of one's political opinion on labor markets, the correspondent has missed some basic points.
Irrespective of how much time is taken to make a political decision, too much time is taken in its implementation in many cases.
Everything is pulled together irrespective of labels around a color theme, a dress message or casual sportswear.
Irrespective of the social cost of withdrawing support suddenly.
But the gossip machine will grind on irrespective of what the major newspapers report.
Where politicians get their money and where they get their votes will determine what they do irrespective of what they say.
They move to any place by side of road, irrespective of whose property.
It thus appears as if the tides were irrespective of the moon, but they are not really so.
They are our problems, and their solution or amelioration is the responsibility of us all, irrespective of race.
But firms that would be genuinely insolvent irrespective of credit conditions ought to fail.
However, more than names its a question of giving respect to all irrespective of colour, caste or creed.
Irrespective of helping your citation count they help put your name out there.
It identifies key features of an object irrespective of their orientation, size, or how dark or light they appear in the image.
All content should be supported on all platforms and be a frictionless experience for all users, irrespective of device.
Irrespective of their relative merits, some poets lose less in translation than others.
Reality is what it is irrespective of how many people claim otherwise.
To me, time is essentially the succession of events, irrespective of any measure.
Phil's argument stands irrespective of his own personal beliefs.
If you are not willing to do that, it is you who are not arguing in good faith, irrespective of my motives and yours.
Irrespective of the origin of the system, that year was given that number.
Irrespective of your hyperbolic dismissal of the position, a problem exists.
He hasn't shown what he claims to have shown, irrespective of whether the conclusion is in fact true.
It's the same problem with almost every computer model, irrespective of the field.
Pushing home ownership and low interest rates irrespective of risk is what got us into this problem.
Unfortunately, history shows that ideological positioning of some parties will never change, irrespective of facts.
Fraud is already a crime, irrespective of medium or subject matter.
In addition it is a fact that this group of companies continually increases the fees, irrespective that conditions are not met.
They had to give their own opinion, irrespective of which side had engaged them.

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