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Hence the humorous kernel inside that little irregularity during the oath.
Yet stand by the sea and watch the irregularity of its edge, and you begin to doubt.
Election observers found no evidence of serious irregularity.
So unless some sort of procedural irregularity has occurred during the trial any appeal has to be based on the judge's summing-up.
Whenever a fraud or financial irregularity occurs in a life insurance company the fact is a public calamity.
The gift they left later generations is a city of remarkable logic and beauty despite the irregularity of its land.
Avoid excessive exercise if it causes menstrual irregularity.
Caused by repeated friction and pressure from skin rubbing against bony areas or irregularity in a shoe.
The irregularity of this proceeding stirred up all the world against the usurper.
Much of the irregularity and general formal complexity of our declensional and conjugational systems is due to this process.
Naturally this is not a normal practice and you can gather some accounting irregularity is involved.
Written explanations also help resolve another voting irregularity: the professor who votes no on nearly every tenure case.
Some irregularity in the current, some unexpected surge, was slaughtering the bulbs.
If there is any evidence of irregularity, the decision can be appealed and possibly overturned.
There was no evidence of impropriety or irregularity in either release decision.

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