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The new command calls up a random generator that makes the character outlines irregular.
The resulting scar tissue blocks the abnormal flow of electrical signals that can cause irregular heartbeats.
Data in regular time series is spaced at regular intervals, while irregular time series data is intermittent.
Irregular periods from any cause may make it more difficult to conceive.
His office hours were irregular and sometimes held on a mountaintop.
The hiring of irregular staff, and the use of outside agencies working under contract, has been bad for standards and morale.
Galaxies that are not spiral or elliptical are called irregular galaxies.
Symptoms can also include tremors and irregular breathing.
Ectopic heartbeats are small variations in an otherwise normal heartbeat that causes an irregular pulse.
Others are irregular fragments of such planetoids brought about by collisions.
What are the effects on atmospheric circulation as sulfates are added to the atmosphere in irregular distribution patterns.
The fungus also infects older leaves, producing large, irregular brown blotches.
Even the shape of the thin-crust pies is slightly irregular.
Irregular hours, including some evenings, weekends and on-call responsibilities.
The vast majority is likely to go free under a law that grants pardons to those who have joined irregular armies.
It really helps to cut up some cardboard into irregular pieces so you can visualize.
Second is to win this global war on terror, and to respond to all this irregular warfare.
Patchy skin color is areas where the skin color is irregular.
Moreover, donations are mostly too small and irregular to support long-term endowment schemes or big capital projects.
Over time the gas giants migrate inward due to the irregular twisting motions of the gaseous disks in which they formed.
And because ice crystals have more irregular shapes, their fall velocities are relatively smaller.
Irregular surfaces show up brightly and smooth areas are dark.
The over-the-counter market yesterday closed an irregular week.
The relationship between writing quality and commercial success is irregular.
Some flower every year, some at irregular intervals.
Irregular bits and shredded pieces knit together so it stays in place.
The planes have been a mainstay of irregular warfare for decades.
The bond market was irregular yesterday, winding up the dullest week of trading of the present year.
It is a highly irregular and unfortunate occurrence.
What was odd, as he posted his irregular blogs about his latest adventure, was how much fear he felt this time.
Roll and twist it in a ball when packing, and it comes out with the irregular folds that give the skirt its shape.
The new model could be employed to help regulators lower transaction costs and detect irregular market behavior.
Anti-arrhythmic drugs help control irregular heartbeats.
But enough of this dry-as-dust stuff about text frequency of irregular participial forms.
It is highly irregular and not written as it is pronounced.
In the calmer seas behind that cordon, more reefs appear as irregular circles and crescents known as platform reefs.
Most of those who had irregular periods during training had already had the problem prior to training.
Physical examination may reveal an irregular or rapid heartbeat and increased breathing rate.
Irregular rainfall and loss of topsoil means that the land produces less than before.
They often toil long, irregular hours for not much money.
Then, heavy medication caused an irregular heartbeat and his tennis career ended.
She was taken to a hospital, where doctors detected an irregular heartbeat and suggested installing a pacemaker.
The domain walls might be irregular to start with, but over time they straighten out.
The two different spellings for the word wether are both irregular and pointless.
Many preparations lend themselves to small, irregular cuts.
Short, irregular training intervals may work best for learning.
Some of the irregular lumps were not much bigger than a loaf of bread.
Some might call a ban on autonomous robots naive or complain that it would tie the hands of soldiers faced with irregular warfare.
Such systems could be more attractive than conventional solar panels and be incorporated more easily into irregular roof designs.
Plus, the material is lumpy and irregular, more indicative of a cosmic collision in progress.
It is an irregular depression, which may have formed through volcanic processes.
Furthermore, evidence suggests that even some highly irregular systems were consciously designed.
Solar power only works during the day and wind power is irregular.
His lungs collapsed, five days apart, with an irregular heartbeat in between.
But the verbs tend to be irregular, the grammar bizarre and the match between spelling and pronunciation a nightmare.
All electricity comes from private generators, but the supply of fuel is irregular.
The cameramen didn't know what to make of her irregular features-her nose was too long, her hips too wide.
Inside the hotel was a sort of underbrush, a swampy footing for the irregular.
For one thing, it can trigger irregular heart rhythms, which might have contributed to the fainting spells.
No one lets designers set body copy in irregular shapes to satisfy aesthetics.
The irregular attendee may scan the listings each week but won't necessarily go see anything.
On either side of the crest is an irregular opening leading into the corresponding sphenoidal air sinus.
Its upper border is thin, irregular, and connected to various bones along the lateral wall of the nasal cavity.
The middle ear or tympanic cavity is an irregular, laterally compressed space within the temporal bone.
It is attached to this fascia along a line which pursues a somewhat irregular course to the spine of the ischium.
Some of the bricks were missing and the sidewalk was rough and irregular.
The cells of the trochlear nucleus are large, irregular and yellowish in color.
Lobsters shed their shells at irregular intervals, when old ones are outgrown.
It removes unwanted deposits of excess fat, to improve body appearance and to smooth irregular or distorted body shapes.
Treat dental causes such as rough teeth, irregular denture surface, or fillings as soon as possible.
Odd bumps and curves can mean it was grown with irregular runs of water or sun.
She knows the world is too complex and irregular to be known, so life is about navigating uncertainty.
No need to worry about irregular-looking extradition requests, he tells her pleasantly.
There was sleek tailoring, yet many of the shapes looked as though they had been carved, with irregular shaped hemlines.
He also has an irregular heartbeat and may be predisposed to a heart condition that has proved fatal in other athletes.
Patients may experience fast and irregular heartbeats.
They may present irregular data structures, control flow or communication.

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