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So the irony is this: technology is freeing us from technology.
But, by a curious irony, neither poverty nor the bottle impaired the tireless industry of the hacks.
Archer felt the irony but did not dare to take it up.
The irony is that the dangerous dwindling of diversity in our food supply is the unanticipated result of an agricultural triumph.
The irony is that the logos mostly serve to alert the patricians that the owner is not one of them.
Beachy sees no irony between his rustic, low-tech boyhood and a career spent developing new types of agricultural technologies.
There's nothing more delicious than a little irony to start the day.
It is unfortunate you cannot recognize the irony of your statement, but the joke's not as funny after it's been explained.
Quantum mechanics is a theory with a keen sense of irony.
If it stands up, this episode will be laden with irony.
Thank you for so eloquently pointing out this irony.
Their dry-as-dust irony and seemingly affectionate mockery of corporate-type tics is a little arcane.
What interests me, however, is the irony of the situation.
The irony is that there were fierce fights about whether to open the network to students from other colleges.
The irony is that this dearth of data persists even as autism receives an avalanche of attention.
The irony is that a bad counter often will play a more negative game than a solid player who is simply using basic strategy.
It contains so much of the war's blindness, its irony, its tragedy.
He's a solid, earnest fellow-not a trace of irony there-and his pale plainness has an almost heroic quality.
His memoir is invaluable for its flavor, all the more so because it has no irony, no designs upon the reader.
Understated irony, ever so faintly tinged with melancholy, was his style.
Whoever planned his itinerary must have a highly developed sense of irony.
The irony in his proposal is that such a guest-worker programme would necessarily encroach upon a federal prerogative.
Perhaps, he suggested, the irony had been lost in translation.
The irony is that the largest chaebol are models of efficient production and are enjoying a golden period.
The irony is that property's appeal is founded on its supposed solidity.
The irony of all this is that the pipeline is not nearly as important as either its defenders or critics make it out to be.
At this point, the playwright's irony is transformed into outrage.
The irony surrounding his support for the chief executive and his own current state of affairs is apparently lost on him.
The irony that his good fortune originated with a professional connection seems lost on all.
We were there with some amount of irony-or mockery: observing a relic.
Irony always flourishes in ages when the idea of truth itself is relative.
But pervasive irony engenders a kind of cynical moral lethargy.
Irony is the key, signaling yet another phase in sartorial rebellion.
The movie takes all these hoary cliches and presents them without any trace of irony or self-awareness.
There is a signal irony in the concentration of social skill within big cities.
Besides, serious art often feeds on the popular these days, changing it with fond irony.
That's the final irony-in the mid-term of their careers, it probably is to their benefit.
So it's a repurposed pop-culture reference wrapped in several layers of irony.
There's a kind of tragic irony in that juxtaposition of facts.
True, an op-ed essayist has a right to use irony and satire.
The origin of the irony is that the subject of the article is how scientists should talk to the general public.
The irony is that when writers fall into the obvious narratives that would work for sports,, they look hackneyed for science.
While your humor makes me laugh and you have a good sense of irony, it does not provide a counter argument.
And let me add an irony: on that page is a description of dark matter.
The irony packed into that statement is rather amusing.
The irony is, you can often get a better picture by taking an unexplored angle.
There is an irony to that observation: a nuclear power plant in need of power.
Irony you can find in any gallery these days, also low comedy, puerile cool and enigma.
Irony is the difference between the ways things are and the way things should be, or the way things are expected to be.
And again, the irony is this test would not apply if the agency was left in its existing department.

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