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Waters, a publisher of books, has ironically found himself a flag-waver in a movement to re-privilege articles.
But ironically this has been accompanied by renewed weakness for the dollar.
Ironically the dogs were causing more sheep and goats to be killed as a result.
Ironically all his so-called mathematical arguments are false and what is more disturbing he knows so.
Ironically then, inhuman threats are great reminders of our own humanity.
One of the newest landscapes ironically represents one of the oldest habitats.
Ironically several groups that on the surface seem kind are making the problems worse.
The funny part is that you ironically are the one that confirms this article's content.
But, ironically, to the general public eating animals is not more unsettling than eating plants.
But there is good reason for everyone-not only the ironically appropriate niche digerati crowd-to reclaim handwriting.
The affair ended ironically-swine flu never materialized in the general population.
Ironically, that pattern of behavior foreshadows the professional lifestyles awaiting the students.
Ironically, there is a high learning curve for a genre that is considered so lowly among many of my peers.
Ironically, the level of many teachers now is so inadequate that it might actually be an improvement.
Ironically, as the cost of higher education increases along with it perceived necessity, the less real value it has.
Being denied tenure had, ironically, only increased that understanding.
Ironically, the small-museum displays end up displacing real specimens.
Ironically, but not surprisingly, the article's hidden agenda is to level academe in the name of doing away with such markers.
Ironically, as some reviewers have pointed out, it is he who seems not to have kept up with philosophy.
Ironically, you need to find motivations other than an academic job to complete your academic training.
Ironically, she was famous for playing tragic heroines, and her own life mirrored the kinds of situations she portrayed onscreen.
He also learned, ironically, that sometimes relief can come from not agreeing to the client's demands.
Ironically, he used his own strength of personality to diminish the importance of a charismatic leader.
Ironically, the news arrived at the moment one such device faces execution.
Ironically, the corporate whales themselves have helped to raise public consciousness of market dominance.
Ironically, the upturn is often the moment when weak firms finally fail.
Ironically, the one-time party of the establishment has taken to the streets.
Ironically, the state's brutal approach worsened these splits, and served to focus donors' attention on governance.
Ironically, this success has come at the cost of a new fear.
Ironically, regulated industries may actually not want regulations removed.
Ironically, this gesture of self-confidence comes at a time of fierce debate over the policies that made it possible.
Ironically, one of the biggest challenges the industry faces is traffic congestion on and between the chips themselves.
Ironically, she studied literature for the same reason that drew me to math and science.
Subjects who were more suspicious were, ironically, more likely to hire the liars and less likely to detect their fabrications.
Ironically, for both the fly and the fishing spider, the attributes that make support possible also inhibit locomotion.
Ironically, the typical driver rarely uses much of the horsepower under the hood.
Ironically, it's natural selection that keeps the human appendix from shrinking away completely.
Ironically, it is likely to be the large corporations that eventually send people out into space.
Ironically, surface dwellers began repurposing the symbols and phrases and tokens of the erstwhile outcast underground.
Ironically, a netbook designed for kids has a generously proportioned keyboard for even plus-sized adult fingers.
The problem, ironically, has been that the process requires a lot of energy.
Ironically, the mangroves-home to wild shrimp-are being cleared to make room for commercial shrimp aquaculture.
Ironically, the ferocious leech may one day help people.
Ironically, the half they know is the half that's not visible from the surface.
Ironically, some water engineers and environmental groups point to farming as a catalyst for the disaster.
Ironically, the point of the picture was to show how birdlike dinosaurs were.
His thesis, ironically, was on the odds of a catastrophe at a nuclear power station.
Ironically, the first applications of the invisibility technology might make objects more visible, rather than less visible.
Ironically, accidents and breakdowns offered new opportunities for discovery.
Ironically restaurants import much of their seafood, but there are still some local fish to enjoy.
Perhaps ironically, honesty goes a long way in here.
Ironically, the courts of the world's largest economy have done little to help.
Ironically, this makes the role of environment all the more important in shaping individual lives.
Ironically, maybe the best solution is to eliminate helmets and pads altogether.
Ironically, the depopulation has turned the area into a wildlife refuge of sorts.
Ironically, this was the same day that the local weather radar became operational after being inoperative for several years.
Ironically, sites that made privacy a selling point tended to have lower-quality privacy controls.
Ironically, the victory comes when the computer-chess community has long abandoned any pretense of mimicking human thought.
Ironically, electronic voting machines were meant to make elections more reliable and secure.
Ironically, some other proposed solutions were more problematic than the worm itself.
Ironically, it appears that these scientists skipped the vetting precisely because the results were so important.
Wicked compete-against innovators, ironically and inevitably, will increasingly drive innovation in compete-with markets.
Ironically, the guide stars they generate are far too faint to see without a telescope.
Ironically, this manipulation of the virus may get in the way of the virus's own manipulation of insects.
Ironically, beefing up before the trip had no impact on muscle loss.
Ironically, it's the advancing power of the modern digital computer that has made such problems solvable.
Ironically, the peaches were meatier than the beef, with an intense flavor and a satisfying chewy texture.
Ironically, he's so wrong all the time he's even wrong about being wrong.
Ironically, the pack rat itself is an import, and one that has been a poor adapter physiologically to desert life.
Ironically, it is the climatologists who proclaim a certainty the science does not support.
Ironically, what may ultimately keep astronauts sane is a new form of space-age technology- a therapist in a box.
Ironically, such heroic efforts only make crops more vulnerable.
Ironically, these are three primary components of homeopathic remedies.
Ironically, this same change of receptors may have also allowed our ancestors to evolve big brains.
The uprisings, partly motivated by economic hardship, ironically make those hardships still more severe.
It certainly, if somewhat ironically, demonstrates the regime's fealty to his carelessness about money.
Ironically, his appeal to bigness of brain is a prime example of confusing a byproduct with an adaptation.
Ironically, the failure of experts to recognize when they overreach can be explained by insights from behavioral economics.
Occasionally there would be lapses in his ironically courteous manners.
Ironically, until recently they continued to own a number of community newspapers together, though they do not speak.
Ironically, fossil-fuel emissions are making more fossil fuel available.
Ironically, now that he had finally regained his right to write, he couldn't do it.
Ironically, his efforts at self-transformation were first interrupted and then aided by an unexpected event.
Ironically, the heavier the aircraft the more critical the balance of weight for takeoff and landing performance.
Ironically, our harsh treatment of wetlands proved more costly than ever thought.
Ironically, he was caught at an observation post that was considered relatively safe.
Ironically, these images galvanized the nation by confronting it with its own failings.
But the big break in the case came, ironically, from the snipers themselves.
Ironically, duct tape does not work well for this purpose.
Ironically, the authors began their work deeply skeptical about my argument.
Ironically, one of the easiest ways to be green is to think about whether you need the product in the first place.

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