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As a consequence of this condition ironic expressions are particularly subject to the danger of being misunderstood.
Some cats are cold and haughty, imperious and ironic.
The ironic part is the struggle he had to go though to prove his worth.
Ironic that in some ways his fans feel he is somewhat unappreciated.
People may use that extra time to construct more complicated ironic statements.
So it would be ironic if the moment had already come and gone, without any fuss, fanfare or felicitation.
It would be ironic if the master spin-doctor's reward ended up destroying his own reputation.
Rather ironic that solar energy would help produce more oil.
Alcoholism is a sensitive subject, and he treads carefully the ironic line between tragedy and comedy.
One of the more striking impressions was also faintly ironic.
But on this occasion these words sound a bit ironic.
It is ironic that western capitalists can thank the world's biggest communist country for their good fortune.
The results of the study may seem ironic, since telling people not to do something should theoretically work.
Even when you do manage to achieve idealism for a few moments, you immediately start examining it and becoming ironic.
Bad movies are good at a twenty-year ironic remove, but their remakes remain bad.
Their ironic style combined with the highly unusual urban-haute bourgeoisie perspective remains a memorable blend.
The second change is more significant and quite ironic.
Unless you are being kind, do not be cute or ironic or use mockery when writing comments on a student's paper.
It is ironic that a practice that has tainted the entire clinical-trial literature has been tolerated during this era.
How ironic that someone who preached the pleasure of language and words to students took so little pleasure in her own.
Considering what the drugs are for, the side effects are often ironic.
It's ironic, though, that this is yet another example where the magazine part of the media business has it all over the book part.
For while a mash-up can be fun, playful and ironic, the idea of erecting billboards inside our cinematic fantasies goes too far.
At first, the filmmakers put an ironic spin on the obvious plot turns.
Sometimes the billboards reflect both futile ambition and ironic etiquette.
He has a skeptically friendly, mildly ironic conversational manner and a droll, filigreed prose style.
The grantor of your wishes does not take ironic pleasure in human folly.
Hare has a sharp eye for ironic detail, and he knows a dramatic moment when history throws one at him.
It's ironic for me because the first season of the show no one was paying attention to anything.
And so it was perhaps fitting that yesterday's event concluded on a wonderfully ironic note.
Sort of ironic then that the topic is named in a way that causes some people to reject it.
Ironic that they say it takes a relativist to determine that there is an absolute answer.
Ironic when you see the worldwide efforts used in the past few decades to combat acid rains.
Wouldn't it be ironic if once again it was government regulations that caused the problem.
It is ironic that ignorance and arrogance seem to be the status quo for the deniers.
Remember this ironic contradiction as you listen to the upcoming debates on nonlethal weapons.
If whatever happened was borne of hatred, then it is ironic they should remain together in such a way for so long.
But this discovery is special in a deliciously ironic way.
The ironic juxtaposition of pleasure, cruelty, and a rusting tractor adds a distinctive local flourish.
His ungroomed appearance is meant as an ironic foil to his almost magical acuity.
Last week the media wheel of fortune took an ironic turn.
They bless everything and everyone with the little flick quotation marks, that rabbit-ear genuflection of cool, ironic sterility.
She remained unbowed and often tried to deflect controversy with a raised eyebrow or an ironic smile.
That's a rough road for a comic, swearing off ironic and funny for dark and melancholy.
Make sure to pay attention to these ironic lists of tips on how to write good.
The radiant tube and the shadow cast by its supporting pan seemed ironic enough to hold alone.
The closeness of the lovers' final embrace serves as an ironic reminder of their impending, and permanent, separation.
It's ironic but many people spend so much time caring for a loved one they don't recognize themselves as being a caregiver.
How ironic that the country that has done so much to popularize the almond must import all its almonds.

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