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Nails had to be made by hand from rods of iron and as such were expensive commodities.
Instead of copper wiring wound around a heavy iron core, the company's stator is made of printed circuit boards.
With the switch to iron per unit cost of production for metal tools went down.
Prehistoric people first made patterns and images by rubbing chunks of charcoal and iron oxide onto cave walls.
Iron is a mineral found in many over-the-counter supplements.
Engineers later found that one of four iron rods supporting the balcony was corroded.
It measures the magnetic properties of tiny particles of iron oxide that are injected into the bloodstream.
For years, scientists have proposed supercharging algae growth by dumping tons of iron into the ocean.
Researchers have debated for a long time whether dumping iron into the ocean could ameliorate climate change.
With an iron key, he unlocks the door to a storage room.
Fill the cells on each side of the opening to cement the angle iron in place.
But dumping a few supertanker loads of iron into polar oceans could do the trick in no time.
Iron deficiency anemia is a decrease in the number of red blood cells due to a lack of iron.
It precipitates out as iron oxide and can then be recovered and recycled, leaving water pure enough to discharge into a river.
Other new finds include gold jewelry, copper and iron weapons, and pottery.
Gents, even if the only iron you ever wield is on the golf course you can still keep a razor-sharp crease in your trousers.
Copper conducts heat twice as fast as aluminum, and five times faster than cast iron.
He knew that she underwent phlebotomies to control dangerously high levels of iron in her blood.
But iron slippers had already been put upon the fire, and they were brought in with tongs, and set before her.
Some further tinkering could iron out some of these unpleasant wrinkles.
The logs, laid horizontally across the iron frame, are lashed to the crosspieces with sturdy twine.
The economy's strength has largely been due to mining-company exports, such as iron.
We do need iron, but that can be obtained from other sources, such as using iron cooking ware.
The addition of iron to our food causes an increase of iron in the human body.
Experts have differing views on how long colleges will take to iron out kinks with handling the tax forms.
Heat a large cast iron skillet over medium-high heat.
Easily testable, but shallow, results will be the iron currency that drives out the silver and gold.
If leaves turn yellow between veins, apply iron chelate.
When you get handed the second place trophy, you want to throw it on the ground and beat it to a pulp with your nine iron.
Place it over the indentation on the floor, and using a steam iron, iron it out.
His use of iron was innovative, uniting a strong sense of movement and energy with heightened detail within a piece.
But as the craters age, weathering of iron makes the lunar features look darker.
Iron has long been considered safe and a promoter of good health.
She says that she now carries an iron pipe when she ventures out at night.
The short story is that the iron in hemoglobin would be replaced by copper.
Prodigious exports of iron ore, coal and other commodities have helped it survive the global downturn without a recession.
Next, he'd pour a few hundred thousand tons of molten iron into the crack, along with a robotic probe.
Now is the time to speak out for those lost voices smothered behind iron.
Most must resort to an iron self-discipline bolstered by a hefty dose of superiority over those who eat junk food.
Iron-poor diets are a cause of anemia only in people with existing risks for iron deficiency.
Don't even think about throwing out those old cast-iron pots and pans.
Iron is the main component of steel and is easily melted down in foundries to produce new steel.
But the moon, which contains almost no iron, would have simultaneously absorbed similarly iron-rich rock.
Many of the skeletons bore signs of violent hacking, tearing, and impalement with iron weapons.
The key ingredient of the superglue that mussels use to attach themselves to rocks, boats and piers is iron, scientists say.
Place on iron or tin sheet covered with brown paper, and bake twenty-five minutes in hot oven.
He girded himself with an iron chain, lived only on bread and dates, and was honoured with the gifts of prophecy and miracles.
The president ordered her to be hoisted upon the rack, and her body to be torn with an iron comb.
Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.
Two movable iron cheeks or plates, still used in cooking-stoves to enlarge or contract the grate at pleasure.
In many of our older cities, some of the cast-iron pipes that bring water to homes and businesses are a century old.
Three iron, slightly open face to compensate for a stiff wind blowing right to left.
Strike while the iron is hot, and apply during this year for academic positions that will begin next fall.
Attempting to control every aspect of the event with an iron fist will probably end up in disaster.
Stock up on handmade shoes, flannel shirts, and cast-iron pans.
There is something special about the idea of camping out and cooking over an open fire in cast iron pots and pans.
While they didn't find gold, the area quickly became known for its iron deposits.
The event is free, although participants creating an iron plaque from a mold are charged a fee.
Iron-ore prices have tripled in the past five years.
Across the river, the corrugated-iron roofs of a prefabricated barracks glint in the midday sun.
Our engineer friend led us to a locomotive and lifted me up the iron ladder to the cab, on rungs that seemed to be two feet apart.
Pause for a few moments on one of its wrought-iron benches, and you think you could stay there forever.
The shield was topped by sturdy iron plates that formed a temporary roof and protected the miners as they worked.
He welded them together and applied a patina of iron oxide.
The utensils necessary to prepare the dish are an iron or an enamel kettle, a butcher knife, and a long-handled iron spoon.
Heat a dry well-seasoned cast-iron comal, regular griddle, or skillet over moderately low heat until hot.
Among the many beautiful things the iron foot of progress crushes are the seasons.
Then they cook them over a slow fire in the big iron kettle, till the feet grow tender, and they salt them to taste.
Put the fat in a large cast-iron skillet and set the ham aside.
But pit the flat iron against the tenderloin in flavor, and the flat iron wins big.
The latter are so rich with iron they're almost meaty.
Iron and batter now are submerged into bubbling hot fat.
She had an iron stomach and was incapable of understanding that other people did not.
Crabs are weighed in, then dumped into iron baskets and lowered into steam retorts.
And then there is his insistence that the relentless downward pressure on prices represents an iron law of the digital economy.
Composed of millions of tiny north poles, iron's punched out of the environment, hammered into railways.
Once, the hunter had happened to see two ants dragging an iron filing from the railway line: it seems that ants even need iron.
Betty has always fried her chicken in an iron skillet.
He has numerous wooden templates for cast-iron manhole covers.
He pointed out a dilapidated wrought-iron bench that had belonged to his parents.
Getting up to light the iron lamp was too much trouble.
Beyond those lines, the claws of bears and big cats could drag you to mouths waiting at the iron grills studding both walls.
There is no saving grace in being confined to an iron suit, cold and unforgiving.
There was a small balcony with a couple of wrought-iron chairs and a table.
To accomplish this, the subject puts his forehead and temples into a kind of u-shaped iron bar, which grips them firmly.
Railroads had begun to knit the interior of the nation into an iron tracery of ceaseless, smoke-belching movement.
So it's crucial that the actor rebrand himself while the iron is hot unless he wants to don a swastika in every role.
The entrance is an arching, green wrought-iron fence.
People didn't trifle with him or with his family, over which he maintained an iron control.
Their message: a big iron bird had fallen from the sky-find it.
The syngas is exposed to particles of iron oxide--that is, rust--which act as an oxygen carrier.
The solder gains both its strength and magnetic properties from iron particles suspended in the mixture.
Construction of the towers begins with a foundation of silicon wafers coated with a patterned layer of iron.
There's no shortage estimates that we'll run out of everything from iron to platinum within the next century or so.
Indeed, iron phosphate batteries are already being sold by more than one battery maker for such applications.
Previous research has shown that bacteria need iron from human blood to grow and reproduce.
The casting molds can be filled with materials such as gold or iron, removed and machined to a finished part.
In the same way, rust is not the same thing as iron.
Most of all, never let the public know there is an iron fist inside your velvet glove.
He wondered whether the regular loss of blood, by depleting the body's iron reserves, might reduce that risk.
The researchers engineered viruses that coat themselves with iron phosphate.
It turned out that pumping iron had pumped up his blood pressure, straining his enlarged aorta enough to tear it.
In that framework, iron was composed primarily of sulfur.
The iron in hemoglobin is scavenged and reused, usually to form new red blood cells.
Instead, he and his colleagues found the quasars are surrounded by copious amounts of iron.
Still, many a drinker has set out to prove his iron will and iron stomach by swallowing the booze-soaked insect at the bottom.
River water contains more oxygen, which combines with metals such as iron in sediments.
Heme is a molecule containing an iron atom, and it's an essential part of the protein hemoglobin in red blood cells.
It probably consists of iron or a more easily melted mix of iron and sulfur.
The water coming out is red due to iron, and is incredibly salty with almost no oxygen in it.
The clothing or material to be ironed was spread out, sprinkled with water, and then the heated iron was used to iron it.
Cooked grits can then be enriched with egg, poured into a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet or greased baking pan, and refrigerated.
And they took home many-colored cloths, smoked fish, iron pots and plates.
In a cast-iron skillet large enough to fit the fillets without cramping, heat the butter to foaming over medium heat.
Too many would-be soldiers were malnourished and had iron deficiencies.
The wide, curving staircase with scrolling iron balusters and railings.

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