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There are only a few irksome group dynamics that cannot be easily escaped.
Yet traders are intelligent and inventive, and quickly find ways to evade many of the more irksome controls placed on them.
First pancakes are irksome because they are recurring flops.
As irksome as the sale itself was the manner of its disclosure.
Irksome physicists pointed out that the process the chemists described violated several laws of nature.
After that, a dose of euro-zone discipline might not seem too irksome.
Similarly, the use of undefined pronouns is irksome when they refer to an earlier message.
With those new drains loomed the probability of irksome seepage.
These newest players were as irksome as the others, and plainly naïve.
For their sanity, for their confidence and for halting an irksome losing streak.
Even if children are irksome now, they lend meaning to life in the long term.
But it wasn't investment bankers, no matter how irksome their behavior, who caused newspapers' woes.
Some businesses in the service sector will also be freed from irksome non-tariff barriers.
Gold the actor needed to be more eccentrically lovable and less irksome.
Historically, great thinkers have offered suggestions for dealing with irksome people.
It is irksome that diligence doesn't always guarantee success.
What is irksome is the relentless didacticism of the artworks and the curatorial commentary.
To many teachers, tattling is irksome, but there is more to this behavior than meets the eye.
When the days are long and the demands irksome, give us the ability to think clearly and act wisely.
It obliges him to observe practices that are irksome to him and sacrifices, whether great or small, which cost him something.

Famous quotes containing the word irksome

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