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He is starting to get irate, but he is still smiling.
Two days later a card was handed in to the editor with a note asking him to see for a moment the husband of his irate caller.
Remove it from that place and you'll have both an irate lawn owner and a miserable lawn.
And-understandably-irate drivers are already complaining that it will take away their freedom on the road.
There was a ton of people who were really irate with the space shuttle, going back to its inception.
What's also apparent is that he was impatient, if not irate, over having been thwarted.
When forced to, drivers tend become panicked and/or irate.
The scene is replayed almost every night in the major leagues: an irate player venting over an umpire's call.
If they are unlucky, they hear the criticism second-hand, from their irate boss.
Elan, another pharmaceutical company, is now also facing irate investors and with more justification.
The people were still in favor of him, and so he was not brought to irate and drum-head judgment.
One of the consequences of bad behavior is that it tends to make other people irate.
Still, presentations given to demystify the project have drawn scores of irate residents.
The job can be hectic, and dealing with irate customers or uncooperative employees can be stressful.
May be required to work irregular hours and may have contact with disorderly or irate citizens.
Work may involve irregular hours and contacts with disorderly or irate citizens.
Stress is inherent in dealing with defendants, inmates, and other persons who may be irate or abusive.
Conflict resolution skills are also important, as this position often interacts with irate customers.
Considerable tact and persuasion is required in dealing with citizens who may be or become irate or distraught.
The beneficiary becomes irate about having to return the checks each month and threatens to contact the media about the problem.
Interact with emotionally distraught, irate and combative individuals.
Without a wall separating the two areas, an irate and dangerous claimant may enter the general work area and harm employees.
He was irate that the letter did not answer his question.
Work alone under adverse condition including dangerous locations and in proximity to sick and injured animals and irate citizens.
Communicate tactfully with others who are irate to resolve their situations.
Ability to remain pleasant and tactful when dealing with irate individuals.
If a solicitor refuses to leave after being asked to, or becomes irate, shut the door.
Talk about irate in-laws and elopement in this dramatic one-act play.

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Chippenhook was the home of Judge Theophilus Harrington, known for his trenchant reply to an irate slave-ow... more
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