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The ionosphere is named for the ions created within this layer by energetic particles from sunlight and outer space.
Acids react with carbonate ions, in effect tying them up.
The smashup also creates charged atoms, or ions, that are detectable.
Hydrogen peroxide reduces other chemicals into iodide ions.
It is plasma--an electrically charged, high-energy soup of ions and electrons.
Up till this point, nestled in between casein molecules have been calcium ions, which help hold the proteins together.
These charged atoms or molecules are known as ions, and the amount of charge on an ion is known as its oxidation state.
These quantum particles could be ions, atoms, or subatomic particles.
When the protein sees the light, it opens up and allows ions to enter the neuron, making it fire.
When light hits the transplanted proteins, they allow ions to stream into the neurons, which makes them fire.
The ions crossed the electrolyte and the electrons travelled round the external circuit.
Instead of electrons carrying the current, though, it is carried by electrically charged atoms called ions.
Salt is made of two ions: positively charged sodium and negatively charged chloride.
It is formed of alternating layers of aluminium oxide and sodium ions.
The sodium and chloride ions in salt water conduct electricity.
Using a pulse of calcium ions as a stimulant, they persuaded the cells to start dividing.
If inundated by chloride ions, as a result of corrosion by salt water, their conductivity increases.
The oxygen ions react with the fuel to produce electricity.
But they require expensive catalysts such as platinum to split hydrogen into ions and electrical current.
The catalyst splits hydrogen at the anode into acidic hydrogen ions and electrons.
These positively charged ions then flow from the tip to a negatively charged collector electrode.
First, they teleported photons, then atoms and ions.
When exposed to blue light, these proteins open membrane channels, letting in sodium and calcium ions.
When such a battery is charged, lithium ions move from the cathode to the anode.
Once vaporized, the peptide ions are brought into contact with helium, and each molecule breaks up.
When a lithium-ion battery is charged, lithium ions are taken up by one of the electrodes, called the anode.
The ions inside enable the gel layer to store more charge than a conventional, ion-free insulator.
However a magnetic field would dampen hydrogen loss due to capturing ions and shielding from solar wind attrition.
The capacity of a normal rechargeable battery is limited by the amount of lithium ions that can be held by the battery's anode.
Link between spatially separated ions could form the basis of quantum communications.
Acids are solutions that lose hydrogen ions and usually taste sour.
The resulting plasma of charged ions and electrons carries the electric current between the tube's electrodes.
These proteins tend to bind calcium ions while guiding and directing calcification.
When a neuron fires, calcium ions flood through special cell channels.
Initially, imagining the bottom section is saturated with negative ions, and the top section with positive ions.
The deflected ions provide thrust to the e-sail following the momentum conservation law.
The article did not mention using the ions for ion rocket propulsion.
The units of measurement are ions per cubic centimeter per second.
He was inspired by the way ions move across cell membranes and has worked to make similar structures that perform important tasks.

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