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Prey touch tiny trigger hairs that release the door, which opens inward, sucking in the prey to their doom.
We faced inward, moving slowly from one handhold and foothold to the next.
Some countries, however, are becoming more inward-looking.
It becomes an open diary or confessional booth, where inward thoughts are publicly aired.
Rather than turn her rage inward, she decided to take it out on the people who she thought had destroyed her life.
The problem with this explanation is that the curtain will suck inward toward a cold shower, too.
In pianists, for example, the fingers might clutch inward involuntarily every time they attempt to strike a key.
The inward motion at this phase is called the first collapse.
If the nail does grow inward, do not cut the nail corner at an angle.
The fontanelles should feel firm and should curve inward slightly to the touch.
In a real case, your windows are likely to break inward when flying debris hits them.
Another theory suggests that the exterior columns pulled inward, giving in to floor joists weakened by raging fires.
The sealing membrane not only stops the inward nutrient flow but also blocks the outward flow of sugar, trapping it in the leaf.
Whatever the cause, he quiet the skeptics today with that blistering inward nine during which he buried five birdies.
Fold the loose ends at one end of the box inward so that the edges meet at the center.
It should be acknowledged that inward migration from neighboring countries and a high birthrate are factors.
If the source of the foreign exchange is inward investors, not exporters, a country can impose capital controls to deter them.
Now the euro zone's woes have diverted attention inward again.
Its ageing, inward-looking citizens no longer have the resolve to overcome adversity.
Its firms are giants that until now have been inward-looking but are starting to use their vast resources abroad.
Another reason to look inward is rising credit risk.
And the inward thought and the heart of every one is deep.
They laid more stress upon the inward light and less upon historic fact and external revelation.
The medial surface is prolonged downward to form a strong pyramidal process, flattened from without inward-the medial malleolus.
The inward ardor of my soul seemed to be hindered and pent up, and could not freely flame out as it would.
With no outward pressure from fusion to counterbalance gravity's inward pull, the star condenses and collapses in upon itself.
As that gas spirals inward, it forms an accretion disk that gets denser near the center.
The stone line is relatively straight but curves inward at one point.
The white dwarf usually rips material off its companion and pulls it inward to form a disk, known as an accretion disk.
While gravity pulled celestial objects inward, this extra gravitational effect-a kind of antigravity-pushed them apart.
While the outward customs of ceremonial life have vanished, the inward ones remain.
As will be seen from the photograph, the wall is not perpendicular, but inclines inward at the top.
Its light-gathering cells point inward, toward the brain, not out toward the light.
Art and attention are turned inward, as personal expression flourishes in new media and old public spaces crumble.
Of course, such a tool can also be pointed inward, at domestic bloggers or tweeters.
The problem was, the networks were closed loops, and inward-facing.
Because meditation can involve a lot of inward focus, it is sometimes belittled as egotistical or solipsistic.
It flowed out from and quickly ebbed back into an unappeasable inward intensity.
The self-help genre, however, is fundamentally inward-focussed.
But before long his development as dramatist recapitulated the inward turn of the fiction.
Fold overhang inward to reinforce side, then trim flush with edge of pan.
The insider draws on a special empathy, an inward familiarity that the outsider may never attain.
There is already visible the enigma of his inward focus which will become a signature of so many subsequent portraits.
Ugandans tended to greet them with outward courtesy and inward skepticism.
She turned further inward and began using written texts.
Suzy was similarly inward, pensive, despite her outward cleverness and a prettiness that would soon turn heads.
But with their minds turned agonizingly inward, people with depression are usually dangerous only to themselves.
Moment by moment there is a turning inward of the senses.
It was aimed at everyone, everywhere, and also inward toward myself.
It has forced him to turn inward in a seemingly callused, sullen and uncaring way.
Tightly roll two opposite edges of the pastry inward so they meet in the middle.

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