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Example sentences for invulnerable

These make a bicycle almost invulnerable to damage, and usually allow room for clothing and accessories as well.
And don't forget that tenure is by no means invulnerable.
Many start to believe that they are invulnerable even as their mortal powers begin to fade.
My guess is that faculty review committee supported his appeal because he was tenured and hence should be invulnerable.
Resilient children are not invulnerable to trauma or immune to suffering.
Science is not welcoming to all foregrounds, partly because some foregrounds are simply invulnerable to scientific falsification.
Claims that it was designed to be invulnerable are urban myth, he's happy to tell you.
When some crackpot snaps and goes to campus with a sackful of guns and ammo, they are the next thing to invulnerable.
They seem to teach that technology can make us invulnerable and that war is clean, neat and antiseptic.
He hears from a bird that if he bathes in the dragon's blood he will be rendered invulnerable to any enemy's weapons.
Some evidence, for example, suggests that people with obsessive personalities are relatively invulnerable to slips.
We can never make ourselves invulnerable to terrorism.
As long as rioters are part of a street mob they feel strong and invulnerable.
At first she seems winning and lucky enough in her background to be invulnerable.
The agency's findings of fact are invulnerable unless they are unsupported by credible and substantial evidence.
They are far more mobile than a ship and are invulnerable to the submarine they are hunting.

Famous quotes containing the word invulnerable

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