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Muscle weakness or sensory losses can occur with peripheral nerve involvement.
Senior administrators were asked about their involvement with and interest in joint- and dual-degree programs.
But, in truth, the state's involvement in marriage is both inevitable and indispensable.
Project organizers solicited involvement of school groups around the world.
The picture of benign, even joyful and ever-increasing involvement of technology in human life is appealing.
Six generals have been smacked for their involvement in the mishandling of nuclear gear.
Unfortunately, today such involvement is neither widespread nor growing.
The same biography emphasises his involvement with military and defence-industry committees during his rise through the ranks.
Tourism development is minimal, but sufficient-small-scale with local involvement.
Amateur involvement is not as far-fetched as it may sound.
My children, my grandchildren and my great grandchildren all were bless so far by no involvement in any wars.
The involvement of executive education providers in change programmes also marks a change in other established relationships.
The show was a revelation for exhibiting the breadth of the government's involvement in our food.
The involvement in emerging markets may even prove a good investment in future growth.
Trials of those accused of involvement in the uprising have been going on in camera in courts near the capital.
Playing on fears of foreign involvement is an old trick.
And that involvement could undermine the special operators' mission.
Notice that this idea is not limiting involvement of the authorities to exercise of police power to arrest and imprison.
With one caveat: the student may not know, or be happy about, the parental involvement.
Indeed, the involvement of many senior officials in mining makes this likely.
Sustained involvement with an instrument from an early age is an achievable goal even with tight budgets.
For months, he said, he resisted involvement in bribes and thefts.
It was erected by the inherent involvement of the internal logic in the functioning of formalized systems.
We come only with information and ask for the community's involvement.
The personal stories shed a light on the intimate involvement of people with their obsession.
Projects must also show a strong level of local community involvement in their planning, governance, and implementation.
They may also have skin sores or bone sores or brain involvement, sores in the mouth or intestines.
Whole new industries rarely get created without the right type of government involvement at some point or other.
The fossil record is replete with countless global warming episodes without any corresponding human involvement.
People don't realize that it's a community project and a long-term involvement.
There is increasing evidence that the brain has much less involvement with this kind of movement than anybody imagined.
These end users don't have, and don't need any involvement of their governments to implement these tools.
Often, commitment can mean nothing more than an involvement that has outlived its original justification.
And when there is personal involvement, disclosure is the best policy.
Recommending more involvement from statisticians will only improve the science, for or against the theory, it doesn't matter.
We sense an involvement with this physical world which gives us the ability to predict its properties well.
There is no escaping, though, that keeping the kids interest high does involve a fair bit of parental involvement.
Price changes would also be more muted, given the government's involvement in its market.
Only recently, however, has the impact of this involvement been fully appreciated.
The number and intensity of symptoms in mild cases often decrease over time, as does the likelihood of major organ involvement.
There are people doing that right now with plenty of government involvement in the economy.
Again, human involvement is always susceptible to the flaws of our nature.
People with teaching jobs are pretty much equal in terms of respect and involvement in the department.
Pharma's involvement definitely influences drug sales, drives research direction and sadly sometimes influences research results.
Add to this the growth of democracy, an ideology of universal equality and inter-involvement.
Indeed, but for the involvement of the government in setting it, the target would lack broader public legitimacy.
But they all agree on eliminating state involvement in the economy.
There should be a rigorous inquiry into the possibility of official involvement and malfeasance.
There were also reports of army involvement in ballot stuffing, multiple voting, and theft of ballot boxes.
At one point, he joined certain revolutionary committees and was arrested for his political involvement.
Both angrily deny any involvement, saying they too are victims of hacking.
Suppose you're opposed to public education, because in your view it represents excessive government involvement in education.
Our vision is to include public involvement in all aspects of our work.
Community involvement is the process of engaging in dialogue and collaboration with community members.
Thirty years of research shows the difference family involvement makes in children's learning.

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