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The plot is surprisingly complicated and no drugs are involved.
The other accident involved a sightseeing helicopter carrying seven people, who all survived.
As you move up the administrative ladder, you will become increasingly involved with the world of accreditation.
They are likely to become more involved if video piracy continues to grow, in any case.
So even though it is still a negative comment about someone, it isn't directly hurtful to the parties involved in the exchange.
Meatballs are easy to make, and they're a good way to get everyone at the party involved in the cooking.
Areas involved in abstract reasoning and those that process emotions light up.
The reaction underscored the stakes involved in shale gas.
Understand the workings of the publishing community-and get involved.
Those are corporate issues that will be solved over time by the companies involved.
Meatballs are easy to make, and they're a good way to get everyone at a party involved in the cooking.
He swears he will never be involved in the family business again.
Candidates must also be involved in service to the university and the profession.
There are three main issues involved in getting an insurance company off the ground.
There are so many causative factors involved that it makes it difficult to capture the same image twice.
Freezing blackberries isn't difficult, but there are a few techniques involved.
Their difficulty may stem from the tricky finances involved.
Three of the other incidents involved accidental cuts.
The biologists now think that climate change could be involved.
Read articles and op-ed pieces about the various issues involved in protecting this remote ecosystem.
Consequently, there is still much speculation involved in answering this question.
In the early years, it was a pro-labor group that joined protesters in the field but seldom got involved in court battles.
They are involved in lots of education related activities and research.
However, lobbying by the food industry may also have been involved.
And one of its three versions is a strong indicator that the individual involved will develop the disease in later life.
Others, such as selecting the cup that the researcher pointed to, involved social skills such as communication.
Scientists have identified the brain region involved in tracking the spatial relationships between tones in a piece of music.
But that doesn't mean she isn't still involved in it.
There's also a sense of exploration that's involved with science and with music that links them together.
The officers and troopers involved in this sting were seasoned.
One problem with research of this kind is the difficulty involved in controlling potential confounding variables.
They also have meetings and are a great group to get involved with if you are interested in learning about beekeeping.
Home brewing tends to be a deliciously messy and involved process.
But the total number of staff involved in those initial probes is a bare handful.
Most resorts are foreign owned, and few local businesses are involved in coastal tourism.
Researchers have discovered that the same nerve cells involved in forming memories also are involved in replaying them.
My suggestion is to pick one near you, and get involved.
But it now appears that sometimes a localised change in brain activity can be involved.
One way is to find out the parts of the brain involved and to measure brain waves and other markers.
Whether the shifts result in better service for the customers of the various exchanges involved remains to be seen.
Abby, so sweet to see how involved all the kids are.
Now that the basic technique is free to use, many people expect the price of the equipment and enzymes involved to decline.
But it has fired some of the traders involved for misconduct.
Policemen involved in violent incidents are normally suspended from active duty and given psychological help.
Few engineering projects have the scope, costs or risks involved in building a new bridge.
Local, state and federal authorities were all involved.
Where to start if you want to get involved in or create your own environmental organization.
No, because they were involved in the whole process.
Freeing a beached vessel usually involved the laborious unloading of cargo until the boat rode high enough to clear the snag.
Previous studies have suggested that other genes are involved in manic depression.
Our part time school's web site offers social networking but not to many seem to get involved with that either.
Both had their own children inoculated, knowing the risks involved.
Investigation, according to information in the transcript and lawyers involved in the case.
But it is clearly relevant to those involved in public-health policy.
One installation involved a room wallpapered in a bright pink, yellow and green pattern.
Brain waves are produced by the extremely low voltages involved in transmitting messages among neurons.
Once she got involved in art, she could become a collector.
Less well known is that they were also involved with beer.
It is a suicide mission, and everyone involved knows it.
His descendants remain involved in the business today.
The ideal span is partly determined by the nature of the work involved.
Although their eyes and optic nerves were functional, the region of their brains involved in visual processing had been damaged.
They tested this by looking for the as-yet unknown genetic mutation involved in what is called the leopard complex.
Carlson is closely involved with the local business community and students meet executives throughout the programme.
But no one could figure out how to isolate the genes involved.
But it also decreased blood flow in areas involved in memory formation and regions that normally moderate drug-seeking behavior.
Those that were more active were involved in protecting against bacteria.
The second has involved a tortuous row over imported second-hand cars.
Students should adopt the perspective of different personalities involved in, or affected by, the nuclear-powered submarine.
It appears that different brain systems are involved.
The experiment involved students playing a gambling game.
Although there is no proven evidence that anyone involved sought to oust him, he has called the event an attempted coup.
Most involved small-time traders operating in tiny firms, but not all.
Researchers involved in the field suggest a number of research avenues that could be more fruitful for counter-terrorism.
However, the article is suggesting a more involved process, one that does not seem practical.
Activity was also decreased in parts of the parietal and prefrontal regions involved in consciousness and awareness of change.
Past ice ages have come and gone with no apparent help from humans, and the results have been dramatic for all species involved.
Involved-field radiation is now becoming the preferred method.
From the outset, she got involved in student life and served as a dormitory leader and trained in nonviolent crisis intervention.
Starting a college is an exciting venture for all involved.
Others in his laboratory may have also been involved in wrongdoing.
For some students, families are supportive but not directly involved.
The article was about the ideologies of different groups involved in the anti-nuclear movement during the cold war.
Some would say cruel, but it is a necessary event that is only momentary in pain for all involved.
Beyond all the labor involved, growing vegetables requires vigilance.
One of the neat things about this project is that it involved the efforts of undergraduate researchers.
Even if you can't make paleontology a career, there are other ways to stay involved.
Some of the puzzles, such as tracking the position of a reward under a cup, involved only physical skills.
All three groups also showed selection for different genes involved in the uptake, storage, and energy conversion of dietary fats.
Officials can fulminate or brazen it out, arguing by turns that the material involved is trivial or deeply damaging.
Instead of lecturing about strategic theories, providers are actively involved in their delivery.
In one case he looked at the infection rate of people involved in road accidents.
Another involved treating yet-to-be-completed sales of locomotives as done deals.
These are insurance or reinsurance vehicles that belong to one or more companies not chiefly involved in insurance.
Such sales are not frowned on if no coercion is involved.
They need to get involved in politics and ensure that they have people they want leading them.
The degree to which the laureate is involved in the firm can vary.
Broadly speaking, the genes less active in the lonely were those involved in staving off viral infections.
The administration argues that since it had no idea a coup was coming, it could not have been involved in planning it.
The partnerships are certainly in the self-interest of the countries involved.
And it would keep private investors involved, which helps with price discovery.
These kinds are listed below with the amounts of energy involved in each.
Upshot-Knothole involved the testing of new theories, using both fission and fusion devices.
In what has been said about fiction as a picturing of life, something has already been implied as to the methods involved.
It is not, however, necessary for the member objecting to the words to retire unless he is personally involved in the case.
The father, attempting to rescue them, is next seized and involved in the serpents' coils.
But she did not succeed in freeing herself from the inclination for her sister's friend in which she had become involved.
However, there were humane beings involved with the decision to put this two swings and misses animal into a tank with humans.
Scientists also need to identify the molecular pathways involved and replicate the results in other labs.
And only brains were involved: the test subjects were silent throughout their exercises.
Project organizers have been receiving a number of queries from people wondering how they can get involved in this initiative.
When people are busily sensing or doing something, the region involved in self-monitoring quiets down.
Its impersonal, highly rationalized structure is designed to protect those involved from the emotional consequences of killing.
He remains involved as a member of the board of directors.
Given the technological nature of these crimes, some unique challenges are involved in tracking down the perpetrators.
They also say these tests could be done in a reasonably short period of time, depending on how much genomic data is involved.
For example, kids with dyslexia have a deficit in a particular brain circuit involved in language.
The technology targets an enzyme involved in clearing cholesterol from the blood.
You're right that other companies would need to be involved.
Previous approaches to the problem have involved affixing sensors to chairs, or using cameras positioned above a table.
But the real ground-breaking work involved much smaller treasures.
He was deeply involved in writing it, revising it, and deciding how to get it to the president.
The light activates a group of neurons in the mouse's brain that are involved in aggressive behaviour.
For this study, they placed the scope over the cerebellum, the brain area involved in motor coordination.
It has been known for decades that the hippocampus is the brain region involved in learning new memories and in recall.
Yet for years biologists could not find a single gene involved in language.
Those factors can certainly affect the cognitive development of the children directly involved.
Such plasticity might be involved in vocal learning, he suspects.
This, however, was unfortunately done without informing the people involved or consulting them.
The few biologists who were involved with the weapons program were mostly opposed to it.
They read the report carefully, looking for details of any secret project the plane was involved in.
It also involved running up a large debt to the planet.
The rest have involved everything from simple biopsies to colon cancer.
The second visit had also involved an administrative matter.
Remember that literally thousands of dollars of arts funding may be involved.
Meyers, it seemed, was trying to tell me that he'd been involved.
The police believed that many of the killings involved gangs and were related to the drug trade.
The average age is twenty-nine, which means there are quite a few older people involved.
Tells how some family members have not involved themselves and how sometimes people who are not related have been involved.
But this time the area of the scalp that was involved became numb, and the pain was replaced by a constant, relentless itch.
And there are the others where you are involved in a big, long drive.
The variety of players and sports involved seemed too diffuse for a single origin.
She had quite a brain and a knowledge in politics and people, although she wasn't really involved in political fund-raisers.
And by getting involved, he makes some enemies and some unlikely alliances.
Some of the jurors thought that there may have been others involved who are still at large.
How exactly this was supposed to be achieved was never specified, though in practice it involved self-regulation.
The other problem not addressed involved the looming weaknesses in the economy.
There were personal politics involved there as well.
Having children who turned out to be the loving, involved, and interesting people they are.
When they recited sentences, the parts involved in language lit up.
There are many ways to get involved in our community from volunteering to starting a neighborhood watch.
Encourage and enable community members to get involved.
Know how much of a down payment you can afford, and find out all the costs involved in the loan.

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