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Instructions involve a commander briefing an officer on procedure, and sometimes include retraining.
Hallucinations related to these drugs tend to involve seeing things, and may include patterns or haloes around lights.
The scope of this position may involve some evening and weekend hours.
The fourth part will take a long time to complete: it will involve new treaties and approval by parliaments and voters.
Changes of state involve a solid melting, a liquid freezing, a liquid boiling or a gas condensing.
Natural photos are those that involve everyday situations that may demonstrate a variety of physics concepts.
The thing about children's birthday parties is that they invariably involve piƱatas.
Lesser changes involve the renaming of creatures, as well as a reduction in the amount of blood and corpses found in the game.
Both involve dissatisfaction with one's appearance and distorted body image.
Facts which involve recognising the enormous gaps in their own education.
Much of what wood floors require is inherently non-toxic because it doesn't involve any cleaning products.
The museum's hands-on, interactive displays are designed to involve and educate.
Such courses are costly because they involve small-group or individual teaching, but they are indispensable.
Cocci and blasto more commonly involve skin and bone, so there are some differences, but there probably are more similarities.
Vanished is really fun and does involve quite a lot of critical thinking.
Initial tests of the program involve employees of regional utilities.
But my little blog polls put no one at risk and, by definition, involve informed consent by the people who choose to vote in them.
All involve choices, each of which leads to people's deaths.
It's unlikely future attacks will involve flying planes into buildings, they say, because the advantage of surprise has been lost.
Now scientists have discovered that the key to scar-free wound healing could involve blocking the action of a common sugar.
But the book contained cyphers, and that does not seem to involve a soap opera with returning lovers, but something else.
However, the ongoing collision of marketing and social networks doesn't necessarily have to involve trickery or deception.
Most development offices employ professionals whose jobs do not directly involve raising money.
Strike-slip earthquakes involve sideways motion along a fault.
It is not limited to hands but can involve the entire body as well as other objects located nearby.
All four positions involve working closely with senior editors.
It may involve service work, and it could even mean paying for travel out of your own pocket.
Modern celebrations involve great craftsmanship, with public showings of various shaped and styled lanterns.
Furthermore, their color capabilities do not involve a measurement of each photon's precise frequency.
Nearly one-third of all car crashes involve rear-end collisions.
Many government national-security measures involve maintaining a huge database of information that individuals cannot access.
From now on, neighbours will be able to involve their local council in disputes over the height of a hedge.
There are several methods of hot composting, which involve keeping the pile damp and turning it frequently.
The gesture-detecting technology would involve a library of gesture commands that could be used to easily share data.
It will involve a small number of cars equipped with global positioning satellite receivers.
Explosive fractures involve a rapid shape change from tissue tearing.
Microorganisms are often preserved commercially and in the laboratory using techniques that involve desiccation.
They don't involve highly technical surgeries or expensive new drugs.
As more of a builder than a slasher, he may also have been reluctant to take on a role that is sure to involve painful job cuts.
Financial incentives backfire when negotiations involve deeply held beliefs.
It was the first such transaction that did not involve an insurer.
Eco treks involve excursions to exotic, endangered or otherwise appealing locations.
Indeed, the ratcheting mechanisms for cooperation initially involve trust, which is time consuming to build and easily destroyed.
Complex fractures, though-those that involve bones shattered into fragments-are more challenging.
Everybody knows the best pub crawls involve the largest number of pubs over the shortest possible distance.
Cases may involve whether lightning sparked a fire or, if someone slips and falls, whether ice on a property was to blame.
Unlike them, it does not involve expensive silicon wafers.
The weekend would involve a day of training, then a two-day race.
Other quandaries involve the optimal donor cell for nuclear transfer.
They involve adding bits of tissue where none previously existed.
Such systems involve light sensors that create a mirror image of the background scene on the concealed object.
There's another way to observe dinosaur behavior, and it doesn't involve bones or computers.
Involve participants by asking questions and leading discussions.
Those injuries can involve permanent damage to vision, he said.
Each note represents a project that could involve thousands of tasks.
They involve them in what used to be regarded as internal corporate operations.
Usually such quarrels involve worldly goods and rival claims to be the true believers.
Submitting a winning proposal to the right agency can involve trial and error.
Unlike the hand, they do not involve skin and nerves.
The shortages mostly involve drugs that are injected in hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices.
If both are true, then it will likely involve human subjects protections.
Amnesia, which is sometimes temporary, describes several conditions that involve partial or complete memory loss.
They also said the agreement did not involve a change of ownership or equity interests in either organization.
Most of the crimes involve either violating campaign-finance laws or stealing public money.
These days, however, crisis management is more likely to involve a series of evasions.
The malady has long been known to involve dopamine circuits.
It should not involve varied surfaces or a balance of different compositional elements.
Such operations involve replumbing the blood supply to nourish the repositioned tissue or bone.
She has never been one to take lightly issues that involve and impact individuals.
The adaptations involve genes responsible for coding proteins that are recognized by white blood cells.
Obtaining the hydrogen in the first place might involve a less clean energy source.
But theories that don't involve wet friction seem unable to explain the experimental results.
Any agreement that emerges from eleventh-hour negotiations may involve still further reductions.
Gum swelling is quite common and may involve one or many of the triangular-shaped bits of gum between nearby teeth.
But he had resolved to involve himself in no diplomatic intrigue.
It could involve getting propane cannons, bird radar or all kinds of habitat mitigation.
In fact, many of my film projects involve working with veterans.
Driving from one festival to the next could involve long overnight journeys.
Indigenous responses to climate variation typically involve changes to livelihood practices and other socio-economic adjustments.
Efforts to confront problems such as global climate change must involve many different countries.
For another, they involve a genre of music that does not typically submit to the constraints of the clock.
Ling is interested in surgical techniques that involve implanting electrodes or computer chips underneath the skin.
And hopefully it never has to involve the emergency room, the hospital, or knife.
Others involve ideological disagreements and escalate into intense edit wars.
Choose dishes that involve the intimacy of sharing: fondue, or a porterhouse steak for two.
Apparently some treatments involve topical application.
Forty percent of pediatric concussions seen in emergency rooms involve high school students.
Research has shown, for instance, that children who know two languages more easily solve problems that involve misleading cues.
The manifestation is quite variable and can involve almost any organ in the body.
But those stories usually involve manmade beer or wine.
The current method of summoning help involve speakers constantly blaring loud beeping sound both day and night.
Six million years of human evolution did not involve the consumption of grains in any large percentage of total dietary calories.
The necessary steps all involve conservation and efficiency.
Any measures designed to restrict human population growth directly must involve compulsion to be effective.
Many of these tendon injuries become chronic, and involve microscopic tearing of the tendon and formation of scar tissue.
The vast majority of these collisions involve nitrogen, oxygen and argon.
The simplest would involve two kites, probably close together.
But there is much uncertainty about what it will involve.
Both involve about as much skill as betting on coin flips.
For a surprising number of people these productive pursuits involve worrying about companies' logos.
Compound fractures, however-those that involve bones shattered into fragments-pose more of a challenge.
If an environmental and social impact study was conducted at all, it did not involve consulting the affected villagers.
Practical measures could involve higher margin or collateral measures for those taking bullish bets.
Both these models involve gathering deposits and operating branches on a large scale.
It is now generally accepted that the future will involve a blend of both proprietary and open-source software.
Such programmes yield savings in the long term, but involve upfront payments to contractors that initially offset them.
Increasing the planet's resilience will probably involve a few dramatic changes and a lot of fiddling.
No, it did not involve holding a tiny plastic guitar.
Other levels involve flying though giant lotus flowers, or blowing up comets with swipes of cosmic energy.
Some involve hand-eye coordination to provide youngsters with practice in moving a computer mouse.
But if you're smart, you will not involve yourself in them.
More than half of those examinations involve new applicants.
The mentoring can involve students at any grade level from elementary through graduate school.
Cost is not the primary barrier to their adoption because those innovations involve mostly a shift in focus.
Of course, the larger the organization, the more likely that the bulk of that communicating will involve writing.
For the curious, although the course is in the pre-design stage, part of the planned outcomes involve dealing with global issues.
It could be used to good effect in applying for positions that involve providing special support to students.
It's my understanding that many of those meeting ninja tricks involve catering.
But they still have options that don't involve upsetting long-held norms and ways of doing business.
They also involve the relationship the reader has to them.
Agreeing to write a letter for a student does involve putting a part of one's professional reputation on the line.
Indeed, by the publishers' reasoning, any use that does not involve a payment to the publishers poses a threat to scholarship.
With the exception of natural gas, renewable energy sources do not involve the extractive technologies required by fossil fuels.
Such confrontations always have the potential to turn nasty: they often involve a minority that wants them to turn nasty.
Most of them involve great acquired skill, expensive training, or intense personal instruction.
Most of the investments are in privately held companies, but some involve the acquisition of publicly traded companies.
Children recognize early on that play is an opportunity for pure enjoyment, whereas games may involve considerable stress.
Because meditation can involve a lot of inward focus, it is sometimes belittled as egotistical or solipsistic.
These types of ordeals tend to involve a considerable degree of political intrigue and command public attention.
They involve the lost-time overhead a computer imposes on you while you wait for it to work.
Or: maybe some of the jobs listed, as supervisors, don't involve touching food at all.
It is absolutely true that the specifics of this crisis involve the special problems of borrowing in another currency.
Most good days involve a mix of ridge and thermal flying.
Other disputes involve homework rituals, anxiety about pets, and sibling-control measures.
Cloning research that does not involve people is becoming more widely accepted.
Yes, each scene takes a lot of time, and a bit of engineering in the ones that involve camera movement as well as time lapse.
One method would involve learning to monitor one's own brain waves.
Most traits may involve even thousands of genes, as you know.
Among birds and mammals, polygamy usually does involve males reigning over large harems of females.
But all of these examples are somewhat artificial, because they involve decisions that are made in a social vacuum.
These tricks involve combining pieces of the cs protein with chemical additives known as adjuvants.
What that means is generally barbarian invasions involve moving from lower population densities to higher.
Another thing is that many hooping tricks involve grabbing the hoop which is why she's able to stop it without violent torque.
Essentially, they all involve using experimental input to fine-tune the theoretical models.
All decisions of a policy nature, by definition, involve politics.
It can involve many sea snakes and fish at once, with the snakes following the fish around.
Since both lie on top of each other, and both involve differences in light and shade, the potential for confusion is high.
And listing several other things that are needed which don't involve scientists changing.
But it doesn't have to involve a conspiracy, and they may be sceptical for reasons that have nothing to do with their employment.
And one of my favorite things about trying to live a little greener is how it can involve the whole family.
Many of the examples chosen will involve economic phenomena.
It is likely to involve eurobonds in one guise or another.
Bubbles always involve the expansion and contraction of credit and they tend to have catastrophic consequences.
Actions now routinely involve a diminishing group of three hundred to five hundred demonstrators or less.
Wilderness ranger and back-country guard jobs involve hiking trails by day and camping out at night, often alone.
The disorder is believed to involve damage to the blood vessels of the skin, followed by damage to skin tissues.
Social skills training may involve social contact in a group therapy situation to practice social skills.
And chances are the stories don't involve the computer.
The plans involve such ideas as uniform claim forms and increased use of electronic filing.
Other times the questions involve charcoal and what's for dinner.
Even when he laments rising inequality, his remedies don't involve punitive redistribution.
Even if it doesn't involve direct infliction of pain, such as sleep deprivation, it is still torture.
These programs literally involve the connected simply dipping their hands into the money belonging to the public.
All the truly irrational actions in human history involve displaced rage.
Warming up can involve mild aerobic exercise to increase body heat.
Even the apparent success stories you read generally involve tainted success.
The next stage of the research will involve making sure that the magnets do not harm tissue when they lock together.
Most interactions involve entanglement of one sort or another.
Looking over a haul of digital photos can involve as much regret over fudged shots as reminiscing over golden moments.
Traditional tracking systems involve high-speed cameras placed around a specially lit set.
While a laptop fire can be dangerous, batteries for such devices only involve a few cells.
There is an infinitely better way to build and program computers that does not involve threads at all.
Even writing them down can involve a form of judgement.
Naturally they cannot explain the interaction of particles which involve positrons in words.
Racket and fighting sports involve individuals going at it against each other.
Such decisions, difficult enough to make on purely medical grounds, become even more complicated when they involve politics.
Commemorations of the conflicts that have shaped our world often involve attempts at reconciliation.
If these results hold up, treating loneliness should involve more than individual therapy for patients.
Involve them early in the planning process by asking for their input and incorporating their ideas.

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