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Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors.
Unlike too many of those who in modern time invoke their authority, they had a choice between the two.
And once you invoke it, there's no way to quit out of it, short of rebooting your computer.
Electronic objects intended for superdistribution invoke this hardware, which provides instructions.
If you invoke the printing press and you don't seem totally out of your mind, you're swinging for the fences.
There is no need to invoke global welfare to argue against it.
If you want to invoke the second law, there are no exceptions to this part of the rule.
The first is to invoke, however implicitly, his own military service.
For the other times when you have to improvise, invoke rule three: situational awareness is invaluable.
Politicians and the media invoke the certainty of social instability should the number of foreigners rise.
One way out of that dilemma is to invoke a phenomenon known to biologists as group selection.
It also includes a standard language to describe what each service does and a standard mechanism to invoke it.
Sometimes it is desirable for people to be free of fear of reprisal or stigma in order to invoke honest opinions.
He hopes the local authorities will, if necessary, invoke compulsory purchase powers to facilitate the development.
In another vein, wriggly free-form shapes invoke both vegetation and the handles of baroque urns.
Sometimes, it does this by establishing principles citizens can invoke when they believe the government has overreached.

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