invoice in a sentence

Example sentences for invoice

Ninety dollars paid so far, not counting the current invoice.
Edmunds offers little more than the manufacturers' sticker and factory invoice prices.
Payment will be made upon acceptance of the text with submission of an invoice in the amount specified in the contract.
The group threatened invoice recipients with legal action should the sum demanded remain unpaid.
No invoice is too large to be worth a world's salvation.
In order to invoice an advertiser, managers of the host site need to log the number of times an ad is served.
Better still, send every taxpayer an invoice and let them mail in their vote on which programs to cut.
These can easily be filed by case and client, so the client gets a more detailed invoice.
We are not able to accept personal checks or invoice you for payment.
The original owner's manual, protect-o-plate, and sales invoice are still with the car.
Trade accounts receivable are recognized and carried at original invoice amount less an allowance for any uncollectible amounts.
Description of services must be summarized on the face of the invoice.
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