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Guarding that fuel requires a lot of manpower and long convoys that make inviting targets for insurgents.
Inviting review and criticism as others have expressed here allows for the evolution of knowledge.
Make patio chairs more inviting with seat cushions and pillows covered in outdoor fabrics to match the flowers.
With all of the vibrant colors and textures of fall, a warm and inviting entry couldn't be easier to create.
The inviting side yard acts as an outdoor extension of a family room.
The inviting lobby is contemporary but subdued, to highlight the expansive mountain views.
Or she can stop at any number of inviting spots in-between.
Trade fragile-looking or matching tableware for an inviting, eclectic mix.
Now, inviting layers of landscape and hardscape replace those impersonal expanses of wall and pavement.
Swing seating under an oak is inviting on warm days.
The bed steps down gradually, allowing the tallest section of wall to be an inviting focal point.
Cozy furnishings and thoughtfully selected accessories make an outdoor space as inviting as an indoor room.
In a half indignant mood he stopped inviting people into his room and presently got into the habit of locking the door.
Before inviting anyone to go to a particular play, a hostess must be sure that good tickets are to be had.
The lake and the picturesque and historic village never looked more inviting to the seeker of rest and quietude than now.
She makes a point of inviting students who had struggled in some way with the process.
They were incredibly gracious, and they even ended up inviting me for a campus visit.
Forming a support group is as easy as inviting a few friends to lunch or happy hour.
Make your blog inviting by telling people they are encouraged to suggest their own work on your blog.
There is no excuse for inviting so many candidates for a single slot, and asking them all to pay their own way.
The editor had sent me an email inviting me to submit this particular article.
That's why we're inviting you to vote these techniques up or down and to contribute your own management techniques below.
It makes things look so much more real and inviting.
Even if you're not the one playing, the constant barrage of oddball antics are instantly inviting and attention grabbing.
After his fateful presentation, similar conferences stopped inviting him to speak.
Interactive advertising can be made more inviting if you create intriguing environments for people to visit.
Tourism is the country's main industry, with the rich marine environment inviting snorkeling and scuba diving.
National parks are inviting places, especially for non-native species that can cause havoc once they move in.
As plants begin to take root they make the island much more inviting-same with the body.
And now they're inviting the public along for the ride, for a price.
Inviting me into their homes or offices, everyone was quite candid about their particular role in history.
The seaside location is inviting to prospective students.
The day was raw and gray, the big, dry rafts inviting.
Page through the story with children, inviting them to name the animals shown in the photos.
But climate change is insidious and uncertain, inviting denial and procrastination.
Every doorway leads to another room with an inviting corner armchair and shelves of books.
Pick one with a brightly painted sign and an inviting entrance, and you can't go wrong.
Underground parking means the entire village is car-free, making for an inviting, old-world environment.
Activate students' prior knowledge by inviting them to tell what they already know about the glossary words.
In particular, think about brown basmati rice, whose slender grains offer an inviting combination of elegance and earthy chew.
She gives the example of inviting patients prescribed antidepressants to take part in a research study via a phone app.
The process is simple and inviting, and it resists efforts to control the results of any contribution.
If you are a lab head, think about inviting someone new into the fold.
All of the country's attributes are coupled with pleasant, welcoming people and an inviting atmosphere.
All three sites are now living history centers, inviting guests to participate in an immersive recreation of colonial life.
Guests will enjoy an inviting lobby area, situated adjacent to a heated swimming pool and fitness center.
We're now empowering readers with new tools and inviting them to contribute to the conversation.
But by appeasing critics now they are inviting pressure to make more concessions.
Emerging markets may as well be inviting the muggers into their own homes.
He embraced globalisation by creating special economic zones and inviting foreign companies in.
She has an inviting way of taking readers by the hand to explore new cultures and places.
Their sites are open only to those who have received an e-mail inviting them to join from another member.
Old-fashioned money-making sidelines such as inviting readers to join book and wine clubs are getting a new lease of life.
We also wanted to have options in terms of inviting our musician friends from around town to come play.
He let some of them invest without a licence and others expand without inviting scrutiny from the monopolies watchdog.
On the other hand, conditions elsewhere look less inviting.
Such failures are inviting opponents of other policies to prowl.
Work from high school students is screened alongside that of more experienced animators, inviting unfair comparisons.
Sometimes voters handed their votes to election clerks for deposit, inviting further fiddling with the results.
He hired two architects and they worked on making an inviting, open museum, with places for children to play.
She also figured that she was inviting too many vegetarians to serve so much meat.
Such words make a closed clubhouse door out of what is mostly an inviting gateway into great fiction.
And by inviting personal criticism, he turned media attention away from his players' performance in the previous matchup.
The cost of inviting was low, since government agencies paid nearly all the new arrivals' expenses.
There's nothing more inviting and informative than that.
And he never asked permission before inviting the whole world to witness their struggle.
These things make the streets more inviting, more comfortable, and ultimately safer.
He organized an overnight camping trip to the proposed park area, inviting a number of state officials and conservationists.
The light in the street is intense, the foyer shadowed and inviting.
They sent word to all labor organizations inviting a conference.
Lunch was served in her elegant sitting room, which opens onto an inviting pool.
His main motivation for inviting musicians in to play for tips was to lure customers into his gallery.
If you and your partner are lucky enough to find an inviting hand on one of your arms, then you join in the fun.
Otherwise, you are inviting an uncomfortable question.
From across the river, the fa├žade appeared symmetrical and inviting.
But then he goes as far as to call the compounds inviting-which by definition they cannot be.
He loved it and started inviting me to cover every single party he had.
He punctuated such calls with long silences-traps inviting you to say something else with which he could disagree.
Spider webs are great at catching flying insects, but they're an inviting target for walking ones.
She is less narrating a natural history programme as inviting you to meet a friend.
The sleep room, with a hospital bed and blackout curtains, seems to them an inviting haven.
Unfortunately, being among the biggest individuals, matriarchs are often inviting targets for human rifles.
If any protein is an inviting target for the immune system, it's this outwardly facing one.
It was as if they were inviting someone to come out and play.
Without air and without water the moon suddenly became a less inviting place as far as living things were concerned.
Putting in a more sophisticated flight computer simply because you can is inviting risk.
Her stylish tableware had clean lines and surfaces but also voluptuous silhouettes that made it sensuous, warm and inviting.
The theory is swell, even inviting to those of us not yet confined to our chimney corners.
Because they were an inviting target for the other side, not many helmets survive.

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