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We invite you to answer a few yourself or suggest new ones that your children have asked.
Many departments invite guest speakers to give a talk and spend a day or two visiting as part of a seminar series.
No other pair of countries invite such frequent comparison yet share so little in common.
Such scenes invite skiers, skaters, and other winter sports enthusiasts to explore the park in a less-crowded season.
Such changes invite animals to consume the fruit and disperse the mature undigested seeds via their defecation.
If you did take a moment out of your day for the mangroves, they invite you to share your celebration with other readers.
Before trick-or-treaters head into the night, invite parents and kids over for a casual buffet that's perfect for the season.
We invite applicants with training in a range of disciplines and with interests in science or mathematics learning and education.
But to do so would invite further speculative flows into the yuan.
These protein-packed waters invite large concentrations of manta rays to an all-you-can-eat buffet.
To ignore the influence of population on the global environment is to invite doom upon ourselves.
So come learn who in the insect world is a good friend and neighbor to invite into your own backyard haven.
The casual comfort of the two chairs seems to invite relaxation and intimate conversation.
We invite you to respell the name of your favorite cable network to win the eternal admiration of your fellow readers.
We invite applications from emerging scholars as well as scholars who have already had a major impact on the field.
It relies on them, in turn, because of its failure to build more refineries or invite private companies to do so.
Invite students to share if they have an emotional reaction to spiders.
They will conduct interviews with artists and showcase their work, and invite artists to post guest-posts.
Sloping land and heavy clay soils invite runoff--due to gravity in the first case, due to slow water penetration in the second.
If you don't have one already, set one up and invite others to join.
Municipal taxes go unpaid, and boarded-up homes invite looting, drugs and other criminal activity.
Invite small groups over the telephone, or use email or social media for larger groups.
Broad flagstones near the water's edge invite closer inspection.
He quickly accepts the invite and jumps out of his game, unwittingly losing whatever progress he'd made in the single-player game.
The invite allowed me to view his profile before accepting.
But they also invite disappointment and disillusionment when the goals are missed.
Invite city or county officials to attend the student presentations and to help evaluate their proposals.
In the kitchen, new oversized windows and skylights invite in the sunshine.
Each area of the garden is filled with interesting details that invite lingering looks.
Several people invite me to participate in a baptism of sorts.
Now, new oversize windows and skylights invite in the sunshine.
Eighty-two established backcountry campsites invite extended exploration-and you won't be in a hurry to leave.
Concrete pads invite human visitors to step into the garden.
Explain that you will invite each student to greet the puppet.
Wide places invite socializing, while traffic areas are narrower.
Resident specialists invite guests into the field to learn about the rehabilitation of gorillas and chimps.
Or go totally public--join groups, invite friends, write blogs.
People you meet on a train might invite you home for dinner, or a couple at the next table might buy you drinks.
Invite friends and camp at the uppermost site, the largest of four.
Acacia shrubs and trees, for example, invite ants to live on them by producing specialized food and shelter for the insects.
Personalized sets of crayons invite the kids to have fun.
Invite some friends over and follow this guide to capturing summer in a jar.
Invite this great gray owl to spread its wings as desktop wallpaper.
Everyone knows the steps, and they invite members of the crowd to enter the circle.
Invite students to use the word in a sentence and explain its meaning.
Invite volunteers to give examples, and make sure all students understand the concept of trade.
When students have finished writing, invite volunteers to read aloud one paper for each of the four types of fish.
Invite your friends to make these musical instruments and then form a band to play some melodies.
We have dear and close friends who regularly invite us for dinner.
We should totally invite the second poster out for drinks.
Invite students to read their sentences aloud as a way of sharing what they know about wind.
And then he let me know why my invite had not caught his attention.
Show that you don't take yourself too seriously and you're less likely to invite ridicule.
The canvas slipcovered couches invite you to sink into them.
Everyone in my grad school did invite their parents.
Police openly invite errant motorists to grease their palms rather than pay a larger official fine.
Hunch is still a closed beta, but you can add your e-mail address to the invite list.
Few artifacts of popular culture invite more condescension than the made-for-television movie.
But since the government refuses to invite him, he cannot visit.
Invite children to share examples of each category and write them in the appropriate column.
During the party invite everyone to plant what they brought.
If they invite me to campus, a new suit would be a big plus, but of course nothing is guaranteed.
Invite volunteers to share the writer's words, what they added from prior knowledge, and the inference they drew.
When you have explained all the steps, invite volunteers to come up to the poster and explain how fossils are formed.
It's possible that they'll invite you for a visit in the next couple of weeks.
Invite students to discuss what they know about pioneers and settlers.
College officials invite employees at every level to propose problem-solving ideas.
Invite students to think of other social studies texts they have read.
Don't invite anyone to dismiss it before reading it---truly let it go in for evaluation on its own merits.
Invite students to restate the definition in their own words and use the word in a sentence.
Invite your department chair to observe your teaching early on in the term.
Invite students to restate the definition in their own words and use the phrase in a sentence.
Invite other students in the school to visit the exhibit.
Invite motivated students to share what they have written.
When finished, invite students to share examples of supporting details.
Invite students to look for connections between animals and plants as they read.
We invite you to submit your own questions online in the form below.
These words invite you to decipher their meanings, all the while resisting interpretation.
To carry on with present practices would indeed be to invite disaster.
On the other hand, it might only invite rampant corruption, or grant a temporary reprieve to a moribund political system.
To continue along present lines, the two authors conclude, would be to invite a collision.
Invite students to imagine that they had a similar robot.
Invite students to think of examples of how they have used this strategy with other texts.
Next, invite them to select and put on the types of clothes they might wear if they were visiting that location.
Invite your parents, siblings, and friends to tour your exhibit.
When students have written their sentences, invite volunteers to display some of their sentences.
Invite them to meet in small groups to compare answers, combine information, and create one best response for each item.
Here the oldest orphans lie down to invite the younger ones to play on top of them.
Invite students to share their sculptures, explaining what natural form they were using as their inspiration.
Invite children to page through the rest of the story looking at the photos.
The shores with forested hills and plunging cliffs, wooded dunes and sandy beaches invite exploration.
It's not clear if he'll receive a spring training invite.
It's not clear if he's been given an invite to spring training.
Invite those with whom you are especially close to join in the fun, or consider planning a destination-based family reunion.
Lacrosse players disciplined for bare-bottomed prom invite.
Colleges frequently invite consultants for overnight fly-ins, providing hotel accommodations, meals and transportation.
Invite them to your campus to describe this generation's traits.
If they wanted to invite this particular poet because they admired his poetry, they had a perfect right to do so.
If not, invite some friends over and try the recipes below.
Next they drew up a list of farmers and artisans they would invite to join.
We invite you to submit the names of recently published books and papers for this column.
But the huge variation in real life seems to invite intransitive triplets to occur.
Students who are members of the groups are encouraged to invite their friends, roommates, and lab partners to participate.
Invite them to participate in creating the invention.
It would invite dozens of matched couples to singles parties, knowing that people might be more comfortable in a group setting.
Every performance seems to invite new ideas and possibilities.
He has spoken often of chance encounters with aliens, some of whom have been kind enough to invite him onto their space ships.
He'd invite people to the pub, throw open the bar, and have them all singing.
Her surreal juxtapositions invite the audience to make intellectual connections.
His idea of starting a play was to invite another writer over to exchange ideas.
Even if intense envy is gnawing at your ex-colleague's heart, excluding him from the invite list could make the situation worse.
We invite you to our city to view with your own eyes the catastrophic effects of the frenzy of construction.
It is not me who will decide who will invite, to speak frankly.
To do so would invite discussion of direct government investment and more incentives.
All funerals invite those who stand by the grave to think about what, if anything, they believe in.
He may invite the learner to participate in his own research.
Those who don't invite the conclusion that they want to make source checking as difficult as possible.
Ice-cream manufacturers, meanwhile, invite their customers to give way to sin and temptation.
Members were also able to invite friends using only their email addresses.
He could also invite delegates from foreign countries to see the evidence, too.
What they don't typically do is invite one party in a case to present more compelling evidence to help their cause.
In the context of the weakened family's effect upon the poor, it might also invite social disintegration.
Other aspects of the band nevertheless continued to invite academic examination.
Power inequalities invite war, because they increase an aggressor's prospects for victory on the battlefield.
We then invite our community to review these links before giving a final answer.
Invite them to a boxing gym and drop subtle hints that you might even allow them a few good left jabs at your face.
The issuer must then invite the rating agency to pour over its records, which probably includes a site visit or two.
To teach otherwise is to invite ridicule and resentment.
The patterns that emerge fail to draw us in, fail to invite us to participate in the connectivity of the world.
Airplane wings, wind turbines, and boat rudders are so smooth they invite you to run your hand over them.
Underpowered studies with perfect results are the ones that should invite extra scrutiny.
We are delighted to invite you to submit all your future posts to the directory and get a huge base of visitors to your website.
In many situations, admission of being attacked can invite further trouble.
But denial of scientific observation will invite a rebuttal by the scientists.
Only scientists publish their results in peer-reviewed journals and invite others to copy them.
Clearly he was looking for me to agree with him and maybe then he'd invite me to join his church.
We invite other countries to pool their technological resources in this undertaking.
Fortune often knocks at the door, but the fool does not invite her in.
His mouth was always open to invite sinners to repentance, and to admonish those who stood to beware of falling.
The barkeeper permits them to sit about the stove and by shivering invite the sympathy of transient customers.
Shrouded in mystery, the shows are invite-only events that take months of preparation to orchestrate.
There's something about winter holidays that invite the double-purpose-instruction genre.
Nevertheless, the palm reader would be charmed, and invite him to her back room for a mystically playful romp.
And in order to make it a real party, you need to invite the proper guests.
There are a few decent jokes scattered throughout, but they invite mostly a nervous laughter.
Don't invite people to events if they don't live in your city.

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