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But lest you think that's an invitation to pile on the pounds-it's not.
The descending staircase is an invitation to walk in nature.
The flashy, free service is still top dog in the online invitation business.
Most college presidents should already have received an invitation to participate in the survey.
Every dinner invitation that comes my way is met with consternation over the possibility that shellfish will be involved.
They're an invitation to corn and coal and hydrogen.
Too many people see a reply as an invitation to go on at length about the injustices of the system.
It's quite an invitation to sleep, especially after our long days-including four hours underwater.
Whether you accept the invitation will then be up to you.
No letter or e-mail invitation would ever be as effective.
It's a invitation to invest attention and emotion, which are expensive.
They were perhaps mystified about why they did not get an invitation to the next step in the process, or ultimately an offer.
More seriously, there's e-stalking and the open invitation to unwanted guests.
Usually this is an invitation only business, or people get together at conferences and plan a book together.
For unscrupulous reporters, though, the site can be an invitation to laziness.
As a consequence, access is often an invitation to failure.
It's not an offer, merely an invitation to apply for a fairly specialized post, which they will be lucky to fill.
They wanted a letter of invitation which he did not have and they weren't sure if they would be able to give him the visa.
As a reminder, submissions should be true, original personal essays somehow inspired by this invitation.
Patricia's invitation sounded wonderful, yet something inside of me hesitated.
If you start asking him questions, you might even get an invitation.
But for those who had not spent time around the markets, their unexposed immune systems provided an open invitation for infection.
To my pleasant surprise, it was an invitation for a telephone interview.
Of course, there is nothing intrinsically dishonorable in the offering of advice upon invitation.
The follow-up to that initial meeting was an invitation to interview at her lab.
Today, an invitation was extended from a school that looked really good on paper.
Good form demands that a visit be paid before issuing a first invitation.
We accepted the invitation, and enjoyed the trip greatly.
He closes it by a pathetic invitation of souls to heaven.
It's not clear whether he'll receive an invitation to spring training.
There's no word on whether he'll receive an invitation to spring training.
The recipient has seven days to accept the invitation.
It's all an invitation to always bring your office work with you, wherever you may be.
Not so sure, since this already appears to be by-invitation-only and plans to be incentivized.
Simply to stand is painful and could even be an invitation to a fracture.
Nevertheless, all of them hesitated a bit before declining my invitation.
Practically, you have to write to an inmate and you have to have an invitation from him or her in writing.
Many obliged, and often included a personal letter or invitation in their response.
It was an open invitation: type something, see what happens.
He must simultaneously suggest offensiveness and disarm it, with an invitation to hip complicity.
At her invitation he spent the night with her, and despite his family's objections, they became inseparable.
It is a vision that has struck some commentators as an invitation to high-tech demagoguery.
The invitation was an honor, but a nerve-wracking one.
When the epidermis is destroyed, the body surface is a standing invitation to pathogens.
They should start by sending an invitation to all politicians.
Her friend called her the next day to accept the invitation.
Any animal that takes up the invitation is in for trouble.
Those same people rally against vaccination, calling it an invitation to a hedonistic lifestyle.
Both work with the police, though not necessarily by their invitation.
In fact, so orderly was the evening that there was a how-to guide included with the invitation on the proper way to waltz.
They have the invitation and the records of who bought what.
She wrote him a fan letter and, to her surprise, received an invitation from the artist to meet for a cup of tea.
He sent her an invitation, via his lawyers, to become a part of his work.
There's a new kind of e-card being sent around, but it's an invitation no one ever wants to get.
Surround yourself with beauty today, and go along with a tantalizing invitation.
Accompanying the invitation was an e-mail from the bride.

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