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Example sentences for invisibility

No doubt invisibility made it possible to get them, but it made it impossible to enjoy them when they are got.
What strikes me in both the article and the comments, some of them anyway, is the invisibility of the students.
The concept is a twist on a spherical cloak of invisibility proposed last year.
And, in their own way, schistosomes have achieved invisibility.
His general invisibility throughout the day made strong leadership impossible.
The first studies calculated the optical properties needed for an invisibility cloak to work for a single color of light.
In popular science fiction, the power of invisibility is readily apparent.
It was not a true invisibility cloak, though, since it only worked in two dimensions and only at microwave frequencies.
The staff feigns invisibility, but a small jostle brings everything into relief.
Once the sun began spilling through the buildings and the workforce thinned from exhaustion, my invisibility was blown.
If privacy depends on an expectation of invisibility, the expectation of visibility is what defines a public space.
Such social invisibility lets the boys observe any drama unseen.
He approached this invisibility with a sort of exaltation.
Computers have gone from rarity to ubiquity, even invisibility-every household gadget contains one, every new car contains dozens.
After five years of steady progress, scientists are now edging closer and closer to mastering real-world invisibility.
The science of invisibility is rapidly moving from a focus on research to a focus on development.
So creating a magnetic invisibility cloak isn't such a crazy idea.
We took some license on invisibility cloaks and the anti-gravity implementations.
We kicked around the ideas of invisibility, jet packs, and psychic warfare.
We are nearing such nano-tech breakthroughs, radar stealth and yes invisibility cloaking.
Your invisibility cloak is your ability to fit in anywhere.
He then uses the cloak of invisibility to spirit the princess away on a magic carpet.
Slower solitary hunters, coyote pose a threat only in the first few weeks when a fawn's best defense is invisibility.

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