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Example sentences for inviolate

His is liberty understood as solitude and, more coldly, as inviolate isolation.
The inviolate law of cheap flights makes it virtually impossible to bring sanity to the system.
Peaceable citizens will be held inviolate in the persons of themselves, their families and servants.
The executive branch's duty to defend federal laws is not inviolate.
Ironically, only the imagination can keep the truth inviolate.
The welfare bill may seem huge, but much of it is in effect inviolate.
The inviolate spirit turns their spite against the wrongdoers.
Only the sequence of the words must remain inviolate.
The restorer was not alone in lacking the special comprehension needed to retain cubist textural values inviolate.
The purpose of the unit is to serve as an inviolate sanctuary for migratory birds.
We not eat the outset that the right to a jury trial is inviolate.
These principles are inviolate and the high degree of social conformity in itself controls and maintains the moral order.

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