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Example sentences for invigorating

It is a constant source of stimulating thought and invigorating discussion.
Honors colloquia, community service learning, and carefully guided research projects add to the invigorating mix.
There is no invigorating spinach for the struggling global economy.
He has a dream of reviving and invigorating his language, now spoken by fewer than half of his people.
Discussion is invigorating but it should be well founded.
Hot and cool, invigorating yet soothing, ginger dances on the palate.
And retailers responded to flagging sales by invigorating their offers.
It's invigorating to get out on the smooth red clay and run around in the breeze and the sun.
The invigorating auction enjoyed the extra frisson of preemptions.
For example, try two drops spearmint extract and two drops eucalyptus extract to create an invigorating scent.
How new information, especially data that contradicts conventional understanding, is fascinating and invigorating.
Surrounded by mountains, its air is pure and invigorating.
He comes in, inhabits the system briefly, invigorating it.
Potter has kept it all moving at a quick and invigorating pace.
And in the long run, torture makes us less safe, invigorating hostilities among those who seek to do us harm.
Watching someone else make a bad decision can be wonderfully invigorating.
Perhaps the invigorating climate of the mountain camp was compensation for material deficiencies.
If you are a true believer in the glory of the market, the work might be invigorating, and the long hours a mark of pride.
The appeal is strong, invigorating, and should be acknowledged.
Under present conditions, the administration's tools for invigorating the recovery are limited, to be sure.
It be invigorating to construe knowledge off their writers and pattern a slight something from their keep.
The creative possibilities that physical books offer is invigorating and rewarding.
The journalist thought that the lawyer had gone crazy and recommended some time by the sea, that invigorating air.
It's invigorating to watch that spirit of inquiry and debate in action, especially in this part of the world.
The real reward is invigorating, energizing, joyous health.
Music is inspiring and invigorating, uplifting and uniting.
Her creative intellect, influential leadership, and invigorating teaching place her at the top of her field.
Some technology teachers see engineering as an invigorating new direction for the field.

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