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However, despite investor confidence, an important obstacle confronts everyone in this arena.
King, an investor, is an alumnus of the business school.
The tally of failed auctions grew as investor fears intensified.
Information tends to be a public good, so there's a free rider problem towards any individual investor paying to rate a bond.
It is difficult not to become cynical when an investor owned utility manipulates the data to request rate increases.
It is extremely profitable for the producer and investor in the absence a high cost of a technologies.
No sane investor will risk money on nuclear power plants.
Two concepts are essential to investor confidence: disclosure and the mitigation of risks.
But the legendary investor has suddenly changed his spots.
In theory, fine art could be used to minimize volatility in an investor's portfolio.
If it advised the long investor not to buy the security, it would be breaching its duty to the short investor.
Imagine a short investor that identifies an artificially inflated stock price.
The vice president of their investor relations was extremely helpful and understanding.
By contrast, if everyone were an investor, national productivity gains could instead be distributed in the form of dividends.
So the decline in demand on the investor side will have to be made up somewhere else to keep the price steady or rising.
As a result, the investor's bond doesn't provide as much interest as it was expected to pay over a given time period.
With credit default swaps, you hide your leveraged bond position from regulators and investor.
Walking away from the revenues, profits, and cash streams these brands spin off is unfathomable from an investor perspective.
In its defence, the commission argued that its primary role was investor protection, not prudential regulation.
The original investor can then recycle its money into new projects.
Worries about many countries' financial health soured investor confidence.
In the developing world, that would require better protection for the small investor.
The final return of an equity investor is highly dependent on when he starts to put money in.
They were devised to give the general investor a guide to the overall mood of the market.
Managers earn their big money in the form of performance fees, which means bonuses rise and fall with investor returns.
In the course of the evening, the cell phone of the investor's companion rang a number of times, but she didn't answer right away.
When they collapsed the following year, investor outrage brought down the government.
Being a genius investor has its rewards besides making one filthy rich.
The company could still find a private investor to swoop in and rescue the firm.
Equity financing means that you give an ownership share of your business to your investor.
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