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It reinforces our conviction that strategic investments can make a huge difference in poor people's lives.
Unless you're rich enough to live off your investments, there is no alternative.
Investments and real estate income also account for a sizable portion of revenue.
No matter how few the themes upon which tendency-wit may play, its forms and investments are manifold.
He had also lost a small fortune in stock and wool investments.
Solar thermal is one of the best investments you can make to reduce your water-heating bills.
These capital investments have led to leaner balance sheets and more profits for these leading companies.
And, because governments generally flood disaster areas with money, there's no dearth of cash for new investments.
Private-equity firms collectively make hundreds of billions of dollars in investments every year.
They also play a critical role in channelling savings into productive investments.
He also makes longer-term investments, often buying equity stakes directly from companies.
When it was over, the partners found that they had quadrupled their initial investments.
Proclaiming that companies shouldn't profit in a time of need is a fine way to discourage them from making such investments.
Businesses remain reluctant to make new investments.
It also seeks to finance long-term investments in manufacturing, alternative energy, and education by raising taxes on the rich.
But the firm says it isn't expecting to be profitable in the next couple of years, when it plans on ramping up its investments.
The result was a speculative boom, with foreign capital pouring into risky investments.
Until recently, investors were jostling with each other to gain access to the best alternative investments.
But transactions in them are still more arduous to complete, not to mention more opaque, than other investments.
Since the stockbroker is in the driving seat, more attention is paid to marketing than to the quality of the original investments.
And rising markets do nothing to help the industry solve its second problem, making new investments.
The return on these investments from the sale of electricity, though relatively reliable, is unlikely to reach double digits.
Seek a well-diversified mix of different types of investments that rely on returns from different sectors of the economy.
The group singled out investments for extra attention in guidelines issued last year on trustee conflicts.
Provides guidance and advocacy regarding prioritization of infrastructure investments that impact privacy and security.
Information about the quality of educational programs and the risks of unwise investments is far from adequate.
Fixed investments such as land, facilities, and major equipment are the responsibility of individual local emirates.
Not long ago, our heroines sat down to tally their investments and returns from this year's academic-job market.
Open alignment among investments in programs, and clear measures of effects and outcomes from such investments, will be necessary.
The wise management of decline is not easy, and it is difficult to justify new investments during major recessions.
Investments have bounced back, but not to their former heights.
Only invest money that you don't need to see for a while and that you can spread out over a number of investments.
Almost all faculty members are good investments, but there is a small minority that is not.
The clowns' convention had them all standing around complaining about their ulcers and the sad state of their investments.
Articles on employment, investments, estate planning and fitness for retirees.
We are discouraging transportation investments that negatively affect cyclists and pedestrians.
In fact, the company is increasing clean energy investments.
Targeted investments can trump a region's geographic disadvantages.
Certain countries are increasing their investments faster than others, however, regardless of raw dollars.
Natural capital investments may turn out to be as safe as investments in any other public utilities.
But governments at all levels need to start setting policies and making investments in infrastructure for water conservation now.
Private citizens inquired about health problems and investments.
The current incentives being offered by the government are attracting significant investments.
Clean water and sanitation turn out to be smart financial investments, too.
The right investments could help restore the nation's economic strength and environmental sustainability.
To recoup their investments, buyers want horses that will mature rapidly and win often.
Other countries are getting wise and making their infrastructure investments accordingly.
Meanwhile the carriers are stuck with providing increased capacity, potentially requiring huge capital investments.
Bronze tools and weapons were the privileges of the elite because of the high capital investments for the production of the alloy.
And are still the country with the highest investments in research in the world.
In fact, best to withdraw all your savings and investments and place them somewhere secure.
Consider the big picture and weight the benefits of manned travel vs other investments.
So these machines are investments for future science.
Other countries will invest in science and we'll free ride on their investments.
Make the science and technology investments that will keep the space station's laboratories humming.
The problem with private funding for science is that private companies usually want returns on their investments.
College is one of the safest long-term investments in the country.
Private equity firms make investments in a wide range of businesses.
While some higher education groups supported the idea, the opposition's lobbying investments paid off.
Most of the money is caught up in securities investments.
Commodity cycles have long been an underestimated peril of technology investments.
They're more likely to see a contraction that could come in the form of austerity, layoffs, or reining in of capital investments.
Critics contend that your investments ignore easy incremental achievements in favor of low-probability home runs.
Employers are paralyzed by fear that the economy could double dip and that demand is too low to justify new investments.
So it goes through investments in stock, load, and energy properties.
And the tax credits, which were for investments, were legally due to any company that made similar investments.
The large potential risks of such investments are not being acknowledged.
For them, pictures were neither financial investments nor elements in a larger conversation with their culture.
In fact, with a few exceptions, companies producing innovations on average earn no more than a normal return on their investments.
And our government deliberately decided not to regulate this chain of investments.
They may make profitable investments, or unprofitable ones.
And its mentors recommended investments from which they stood to profit.
They say they took all that money-and more-and put it into the funds and investments they managed.
As the real-estate market collapsed, so did those investments.
Although the two partners may eventually recoup their money, they are unlikely to re-team on future investments.
If the quality of the products especially in such huge investments is poor, no body will purchase them.
That, however, is expensive and would require vast investments in refineries.
Regulators are responsible for ensuring that utilities make wise investments that restrain the price of electricity.
If there is a cure, the bloom-and the corporate investments-might come back.
There are billions invested in energy efficiency upgrading, not to mention the political investments.
Some eco projects are wise investments, but the current political climate is throwing money at a wall to see what sticks.
We have enormous social and economic investments in the infrastructures that support our current lifestyles.
When the crisis ended and the market improved, the roads provided a solid return on the companies' investments.
The money saved can be spent on renewable energy investments, such as wind, and solar.
When it comes to companies, the investors are not bound to their investments in the same way as say tax payers.
The world field is being leveled and elevated by trade and external investments.
Then stay in and keep putting money away for your retirement in well-diversified investments.
Proposals for direct investments should be submitted to:.
Some parents cash in investments because they'd rather not borrow.
The new principles based approach will present factors which managers should use to evaluate investments in emerging markets.
Investments focus on wireless, networking, microelectronics and software applications.

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