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But the average return was below the returns of the major stock and bond indexes commonly used to measure investment performance.
And as your article rightly recognizes, there is also no system for evaluating social benefit or return on investment.
Landfill space costs money for state and local governments, which do not receive a monetary return on this investment.
No funding from government, and private industry cannot see an immediate return on investment, so no private funding either.
The students were asking me to justify the return on investment in a college education.
The incredibly large amount of investment in real estate during the boom years will not return.
It's all about the return on investment and how the message is presented.
Given the immense cost of the shuttle program, however, the science return on investment remains fairly slim.
Firstly, the energy return on investment is absolutely fundamental to the role of solar energy in the energy economy.
The results came on the back of growing investment banking fees as well as strong sales and trading results.
Growth in the rich world may be slow but the investment climate is often warmer.
Removing them to make shrimp farms may be a bad investment.
After that if there is a tax surplus fund some future investment only.
The capital investment required would be out of sight.
Calculate the expense on a cost per use basis, and suddenly the investment doesn't seem extravagant at all.
Friends drop out of school and land millions of dollars in investment capital.
The investment seeks to provide a moderate and sustainable level of current income.
Yes, the first few installments of the opening season were slow, but the investment is paying off.
Next year will be little better than this one for investment bankers.
The pavement industries, unsurprisingly, also urge more road investment.
Poor people have to make an investment of their own time and money to move out of poverty.
No one has a crystal ball, not even investment advisers.
Investment firms are rushing to set up funds that hold physical stocks of copper.
Foreign investment and private companies are flourishing.
Another problem to consider is the initial capital investment to access this energy and maintenance costs.
If there were some way to convert money directly into time, then you'd have a recession-proof investment.
The investment seeks to provide a high and sustainable level of current income.
Foreign investment in light manufacturing and services has offset the decline in steel, once the nation's major industry.
Infrastructure investment today, if properly allocated, will surely create a better tomorrow for generations.
The last two years has seen a boom in hydrogen investment.
Installing solar panels or any renewable energy source takes an upfront investment.
Still, no one's calling the dinar a risk-free investment.
And if you're expecting a refund, using it to buy an energy meter could be the best investment you make this year.
The index revealed that fine art was a far more reliable investment than is commonly thought.
The effect of gene patenting on research and investment has been the subject of great debate.
And there's often an additional investment for fueling infrastructure.
Others require an initial investment of time or money but pay off in the long run.
Central is a smart investment for students dedicated to their future success.
Financiers are coveted candidates for governing boards, offering valuable investment guidance for endowment funds.
Federal investment in entrepreneurs will create jobs, boost the economy and raise energy security.
The investment seeks to provide current income while maintaining limited price volatility.
Advantage is being unrestricted as to investment choices.
Advanced the cause of biotechnology by demonstrating its prudent investment value.
Until recently, green investment funds were mostly a niche for individual investors.
Another is not saving for a rainy day, or for investment in occupational tools or training.
As for the investment bank, there is little reason for an insurance company to own one.
Milner offers something radically or foolishly different: an investment with no such preferences and no board seats.
The investment seeks long-term growth of capital and income.
Two decades later investment bankers were getting far more than crumbs.
Automats could be great equalizers because paupers and investment bankers might sit together at the same table.
Its innermost fibers form a continuous circular investment for the membranous urethra.
The posterior border, to which the cord is attached, receives only a partial investment from that membrane.
Large-scale military spending draws off resources needed for investment and civilian consumption.
It will substantially increase the funds available for investment as capital in useful enterprises.
Also needed is more investment in livestock research, such as breeding for hardier animals.
But such funding is a solid investment in prosperity and health.
Our brains have been oversized starting a couple of million years ago, costing enormous investment in biological and energy costs.
That's a huge investment that will definitely pay-off for them soon.
Some buyers look at a celebrity's former possession as an investment.
If the segregation of lepers would stamp out the disease, this would be a good investment.
All species make tradeoffs between reproductive and somatic investment.
Well luckily, the squirrel had a good year even without the investment.
Hunting is a tremendous human investment of time and energy.
The same reasoning applies to investment strategies.
Other potential employers include investment-banking firms, government agencies, and insurance companies.
And they might need encouragement to think of education loans as a good investment.
Many have argued that investment in science education makes economic sense.
We see more folks who are questioning whether college is worth the investment.
The agency will also want to know why your proposed activities are worth the risk of investment.
The program could result in a significant federal investment in online education.
We cannot afford to lose our investment in many of our best minds.
If you're a long-term investor, there are services that can help you be successful and lower your investment costs.
One is being blinded by the name of an investment and not considering what it does with your money.
Talk is of a virtuous circle in which growth feeds expertise, which feeds investment.
There will be minimal incentive for investment bankers to fool around with depositors money.
But those companies were involved in investment banking, an inherently risky business.
Such investment spreads financial capital, know-how and technology.
The job market is in rotten shape, and business investment is hitting historic lows.
In other words, when stock prices fall, companies' investment spending seems to fall as well.
Lin was a prominent advocate of heavy investment in rural electricity, running water.
Last year, gross private investment grew by less than five per cent.
Seizing that opportunity is going to require new investment, not penny-pinching.
Innovation, investment, and growth end up being stifled.
Nationalism is inherently isolationist-they don't want to spend resources abroad unless it's investment.
In many places, yields can increase-if prices rise high enough to make investment in more-intensive agriculture worthwhile.
Obviously, this idea of buying so-called investment pieces resonates more deeply today than it did even six months ago.
The rich always get richer, but their incomes are growing even faster because investment returns preference the top percentiles.
The question you might ask, then, is whether or not the increase in sales more than pays for the additional investment.
Money-market funds and other investment vehicles took deposits without offering federal guarantees.
As earmarks have proliferated, the government's infrastructure investment has lost focus.
When countries are scaled according to their annual investment in research and development, as shown here, the world looks odd.
Thanks to support from environmentalists and government, solar energy is a hot investment right now.
The investment is tripled and the receiver decides how much to give back.
Because the females make such a big investment in the next generation, it's in their interest to choose the best partners.
Research leads not only to cures but is an investment.
There's been a palpable shift in the investment climate, and patience is in short supply.
In economics terms, this is similar to the payback time for an investment.
In order to achieve goals for new technology and find new innovations, a large investment must be made.
It's an investment, both in the long and the short term.
But it can be a leader in the clean energy industry, if it makes an investment, now.
Imagine that much investment being put into reusable spacecraft technology or development of telescope optics.
The country could well have afforded to ramp up domestic investment in key areas.
It requires dedication to discovering truth in such cases, and a certain investment in the idea that accuracy matters.
Large investment could jump-start concentrated photovoltaic deployments.
There comes a point where making new things isn't a capital investment but simply a marginal one.
Windows was so buggy, unstable and lacking of performance that my investment was paying me back.
Aside from an initial investment, and maintenance, you have free fuel.
Small modular reactors require less initial capital investment than conventional ones and can have simpler, safer designs.
The country has become increasingly dependent on foreign direct investment to buoy its economy.
Few investors are in a true sense, self-starters in that they seek out novel investment ideas.
At the time, housing markets were booming, and millions of dollars were being made in the investment and mortgage industries.
The good news for trouble real estate investors is that a second home or investment property may now qualify for a refinance.
Direct investment at market value is an alternative measure of direct investment in current-period prices.
Investment clubs are usually organized as partnerships.
Investment losses in non-guaranteed cash equivalents do occur, but infrequently.

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