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Other awards recognize long or investigative or multi-part stories.
He is a geographer by training, a conspiracy theorist by instinct and an investigative reporter by avocation.
After all, the universe doesn't seem to be constructed for our investigative convenience.
Written from the perspective of an investigative reporter.
Nothing to do with economics as such, but a fine example of investigative method, and of unlikely causality.
Some impressive investigative journalism has uncovered new facts for the historians to consider.
Certain categories of coverage-foreign, local, investigative-don't look economically viable on a for-profit basis at the moment.
Better legal protection for journalists makes them less reliant on tough investigative methods.
Most were investigative reporters in poor countries.
These days the donors are particularly interested in niches, such as investigative reporting and science writing.
You'll also build databases that will help develop new editorial projects, investigative reports, and stories.
Animal research is a brutal aspect of the investigative process.
They are nothing more than an investigative tool and usually raise more questions than they actually answer.
If you get the same answer by asking the question in multiple different ways then that is good investigative methodology, not bad.
What's harder to put into words is the relationship of a trusted lawyer and an investigative reporter.
To the extent it's useful, it will be as an investigative tool to narrow down the list of possible suspects.
It's a tribute to the art of investigative journalism and it sets an incredibly high benchmark for future non-fiction writing.
It would seem some investigative based science would have to drive such a mission.
And that's even before you consider the skills needed for in-depth investigative reporting.
Any investigative report that finds no conspiracy was performed by secret members of the conspiracy.
TR should send an investigative reporter down there to get the scope.
Most people still prefer to see longer, investigative stories or colorful photographs in a magazine.
He has won numerous awards for his writing and investigative reporting.
The two of you have been an investigative team for a long time now.
We were dealing with something that could alter our view of investigative journalism and political office, so it had to feel big.
Fodder still for a thousand investigative reports and a thousand revelations that reveal only what is already known.
Yet the construction of a new investigative model seems to me to offer one tangible remedy of sorts.
It is difficult to explain such incompetence, given the vast investigative and punitive powers of the security services.
The result is a fascinating story that is a model of investigative journalism.
But though it should be used for investigative purposes, it should not be used in the courtroom.
Most good investigative reporters are conspiracy theorists, by the way.
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