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The investigation reportedly revolved around allegations.
Four years after the investigation began there have still been no convictions.
The investigation into the fatal accident led to major design changes for future launch vehicles.
Studying the genome of this lineage and comparing it with randomly selected bonobos might be a productive line of investigation.
It seems an obvious line of investigation that would put the anatomical arguments to rest.
None of this matters, however: the results of the federal prosecutors' investigation matters.
They disbursed money during the investigation as a necessary step in building the case.
The point of it all is to allow more precise investigation of how human gut bacteria work.
Carrion would not speculate about motives or suspects, saying only that the local prosecutor was conducting the investigation.
Investigation into fishing industry reveals a decade of violations.
The war crimes tribunal and the families of victims are anxiously awaiting the results of the investigation.
Officials then turned the phones over to the district attorney's office, which began a criminal investigation.
Almost nobody thinks the state capable of conducting an impartial investigation into such matters.
Explain that they will be performing an investigation in their groups.
Investigation of these cancers can help researchers to better understand the biology of the human forms.
Archaeologists continue their investigation of the landscape and plantation community.
The type of deals potentially under investigation concern either small companies or small stakes in larger enterprises.
The government conducted an investigation and said it found no evidence of the killings.
The intense press coverage also led to serious investigation of the bystander effect by psychologists and sociologists.
It entertains by celebrating cultural traditions against a scrupulous investigation of their historical sources.
When the judge ruled the list bogus, a fresh investigation began into the false accusations.
And only last year it was faulted by regulators for failing to be co-operative in another investigation.
Officials of the college said they had reviewed the allegations and determined that further investigation was warranted.
It caps a six-month investigation by the committee, and it promises to be a doozy.
If their suspicions are correct, the group remains active in the country despite a concerted investigation and several arrests.
Some of the world's leading airlines are under investigation for alleged price-fixing by their cargo divisions.
Deeper investigation required to identify the genuine agents of change in improving mortality rates.
Later investigation revealed those contents to be vitamins.
He is personally leading an investigation into the scandal.
She reports the incident to the university police, and they conduct an investigation.
The investigation failed to provide enough evidence to form the basis of a case, however.
He hopes that this investigation will draw attention to them.
He's also the subject of a federal investigation because his lab is federally funded.
Science isn't the results of investigation, it's the tenets that underlie the way investigation is undertaken.
Regardless, as long as this is an unidentified animal it is newsworthy and deserving of further investigation.
Records of the fire marshal's investigation: long gone.
While the official causes of both spates of deaths are still under investigation, speculation runs rampant.
Even as the firm launched an internal investigation, he vowed to stay at the helm.
Hence prosecutors have much riding on the case, the result of a four-year investigation.
But the real damage was to the local coal-mining industry: work has been suspended pending investigation.
Despite a thorough investigation of the site, the cause of the catastrophe eluded everyone.
In addition to cost concerns, the logistics of visitor safety are under investigation.
The inside story of the investigation-and the catastrophe it laid bare.
The distortion that lobbyists have on the government is certainly fair game for public scrutiny and even official investigation.
For that investigation, the patients underwent detailed psychological evaluations before enrolling.
The investigation has since gone nowhere, to no one's surprise.
Every investigation which is guided by principles of nature fixes its ultimate aim entirely on gratifying the stomach.
Malone made a careful investigation of the relative value of quartos and folios.
It is essentially a work of investigation and exposition.
We must be patient and wait for other means and opportunities for investigation.
Later investigation proves the word taken for skulls to mean horns of beasts slain in the hunt.
And, as they thought no facts too light to be recorded, so they considered no age too dark for their investigation.
The origin of these tales is still in a measure unsettled, and there is urgent need of more scientific investigation of them.
Indeed, an experienced phonetician should have no difficulty in inventing sounds that are unknown to objective investigation.
The hormone continues to be a focus of investigation.
But why photosynthesis continued to increase after that remains a topic for further investigation.
Yet despite decades of scientific investigation, the exact cause remains a mystery.
Other historical sciences include crime scene investigation, geology and the interpretation of baseball box scores.
Furthermore, the original investigation's primary purpose was prosecution, not identification.
They have also proved useful for treating autoimmune disease and are under investigation as a treatment for many other conditions.
Future investigation into those areas will almost certainly illuminate the controversy.
Other pollutants under investigation are being blamed for more regional amphibian declines.
The researchers have been picking up the pieces and will conduct a full investigation of the accident.
But it certainly looks worthy of further investigation.
Some correlations between pathogens and behavior are well established, while others are under investigation.
Ongoing investigation by the state health department may give us an answer.
Independent scientific investigation is something of a family trait.
Proving the critics right, an investigation later concluded that the data were intentionally fabricated.
Here, they performed a systematic investigation of the scattering behavior of hadrons.
Close-ups of the rings will certainly aid the continuing investigation of their complex, convoluted structure.
The main investigation concerned a company that was suspected of illegally manipulating currency markets.
Tells about the investigation that led to the source of the infection-the delivery room resuscitators.
He wrested philosophy away from an exclusive concentration on cognition to an investigation of emotive being.
Moralizing, whether it is pity or condemnation, has a way of putting an end to investigation.
Surely, a frank investigation would uncover not only some monsters but also a good number of heroes.
After considering the matter for a single day, he decided not to launch an investigation.
She also requested that the state attorney general conduct his own investigation alongside the legislature's probe.

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