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But, though he popularises admirably the ideas of his time, he cannot investigate for himself.
We have now become cognizant of it and shall later on have to investigate it.
It hired a lawyer to investigate placement-rate practices on all of its campuses and reported its discovery to the council.
He has asked an outside firm to investigate placement-rate practices at all of the company's domestic campuses.
Reports of fraud led the government to investigate and close a handful of colleges, which left hundreds of students in limbo.
The other thing is you really do trip over the history and social customs of a place when you investigate the food.
At a certain point in each project, you get an idea and you investigate it.
They released him, but the charge still stands while the police investigate.
The results should improve models of traumatic impacts used to design protective headgear and investigate injury.
Prosecutors continue to investigate whether he was acting in concert with others.
Two new books explore why, and investigate the effects that misunderstanding risks can have on public policy.
Many attacks go unreported, partly because police do not always investigate them.
Yet the police made little attempt to investigate him.
In groups of four or five, have students investigate various problems facing different regions of the world.
In this lesson, students will investigate the truth behind common myths about sharks and shark attacks.
Students will review the water cycle and investigate how a region's water supply can become contaminated.
Even if a bold predator does stop to investigate a rolled-up hedgehog, it's usually unsuccessful at prying the hedgehog open.
Be sure to have students investigate possible solutions to the problem.
They should investigate cultural traditions such as regional foods and holidays, as well as landscape and climate features.
Investigate ancient myths and stories to see how these stories explained or acknowledged the seasons.
He returned last year with a team of archaeologists to map and investigate the site.
Gears are an example of the wheel and axle, and in this kit you can investigate and experiment with six functioning gear models.
Investigate how dams are constructed and why particular materials are used.
Investigate how tigers are threatened in the wild and how zoos manage the tigers in their care.
Have each group investigate wetlands in their state.
But you'll want to be diligent and investigate that address.
The first panel discussion sought to investigate the government-sponsored enterprises' role in the crisis.
Discerning drinkers may care to investigate more sophisticated methods.
The league didn't know the extent to which concussions were harmful, but only because it didn't bother to properly investigate.
In his new state he begins to investigate the apartment anew by smell and touch, as he doesn't have eyes.
It doesn't investigate the tradeoffs that universal health care will inevitably require.
But it's up to us to begin to investigate these histories, and to learn what it is these photographs are saying.
The possibilities frightened him, but he was also excited by the opportunity to investigate a genuine medical mystery.
Scientists investigate human embryonic stem cells because they can become any other kind of cell.
To investigate, the researchers plied mice with nicotine, followed seven days later by cocaine.
The next step, he said, should be to investigate the mechanism underlying the age-related changes.
Good quality, stable crystals were returned to the waiting scientific teams to investigate how these proteins grow.
But the latest study is one of the first to investigate a non-social skill in hyenas.
Scientists are working to investigate that question.
The next step was to investigate what was causing these changes.
In addition to the main exhibit, smaller ones investigate a variety of related topics.
Efforts to investigate the abuses have been systematically resisted by the authorities.
The obvious next step was to investigate how he had collected his material and what he had been trying to achieve.
He wants simple answers to processes far more complex than he has patience to investigate.
And you can investigate a language by studying what goes on in the brain as people learn or use language.
He has proposed installing more seismometers on the far side of the moon to investigate further, but he will have a long wait.
They have put all their data and methodology online for anyone to investigate.
Her next goal is to investigate how different parts of the brain interact when reputation is on the line.
Such an animal would provide a living laboratory in which to investigate the process of infection and disease.
For now they must be content to try to investigate chaos in many different phenomena.
When they leave the ship to investigate their surroundings, it becomes clear that they have not landed in modern times.
First, investigate any evidence that may finally illuminate the truth of what happened.
Before introducing such a device into commercial use, it will be imperative to seriously investigate all the ramifications.
The discovery inspired him to investigate fingerprints.
You'll read in-depth features that investigate how these technologies work.
Neither lab fails to investigate the technological landscape before identifying an opportunity.
One team replied that it was near the position and would investigate.

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