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How you invest your money depends on what you think is going to happen to the global economy.
We need to invest in transmission lines and power generation immediately if electric cars are to be sold.
They should borrow money in the bond market and invest the proceeds in shares.
If your values include travel and a certain testing of your abilities and limits, you should invest time and money to do that.
If you are being paid to invest other people's money, you are working, and that's income from labor.
In addition the managers invest a lot of their own money alongside that of their clients.
Low growth rates mean whatever money workers invest will grow slowly.
Businessmen grumble that they cannot raise money to invest in the state, whereas before they spirited their capital out of it.
There are so many causes and issues that money could be put to good use or to invest for our retirement.
Specifically and simply if you over-invest in something you stand to loose money.
It encourages businesses and consumers to spend and invest money sooner rather than later, before inflation erodes its value.
The committee's leader must be able to invest sufficient time in the search.
Yet teens gravitate toward peers for another, more powerful reason: to invest in the future rather than the past.
The last thing you want is to invest this much time and effort only to have your paint peel a couple of months later.
Thanksgiving puts serious demands on any cook, and therefore makes a great excuse to invest in the latest cooking gadgets.
Others are scaling back plans to build new facilities or invest in expensive programs.
Buyers are under pressure to invest their capital after lacklustre activity over the past two years.
It makes for fascinating watching picking apart the relationships, but it makes it difficult to emotionally invest in anyone.
Invest in a set of inexpensive melamine plates and cloth napkins for outdoors.
The consequence of this is that it has lots of cash and a desire to invest it aggressively.
Invest in canvas tote bags to limit the number of plastic shopping bags you collect.
We couldn't afford to invest in all the great buildings.
The trick is capturing future savings to invest in rehabilitation now.
Invest in props that can be reused for multiple costumes over multiple years.
The farm households have little or no cash income, leaving them without the means to invest in farm improvements.
The only people who can invest in it already are millionaires.
It tells us what's working, what's not, and where to invest efforts.
Invest directly in green technology companies who are badly in need of capital.
Racing teams invest millions each year in each car to install the latest technology and to fine-tune the machines' performance.
Invest time in learning how to use reference software.
If you have the time to invest it really starts to flow.
Rather than marginalize remediation, they should invest more intellectual resources in it, making it as effective as it can be.
Some males keep at it for several hours a day and perform more often, while others invest less of their resources to luring mates.
These developments energize people to invest in our collective future, and the well-being of our planet, despite the economy.
Champions must invest a lot of time in persuading their colleagues to venture overseas.
It was a perfect time to try to invest my pictures with something truly fresh.
People and organizations invest in companies all over the globe.
These days computerised investors invest over periods of thousandths of a second.
After your big exit, stay in touch with the inner circle and invest in their startups.
Alternatively, invest in a cheap umbrella when you're in the city.
To me in makes more science to invest on telescopes for example.
But because the market doesn't capture the value of these benefits, there is no incentive for people to invest in conservation.
If you want a nation's people to be healthy, you have to invest in their well-being.
If it's getting warmer, we'll have to water more, invest in a watering system.
And often they invest less in research and development.
Most important, perhaps, foreign-aid groups had begun to invest in the country again.
But his family's policy is that they won't invest in any company until they speak to a number of former employees.
When prices are high relative to earnings, it's not going to be a great time to invest over the next seven to ten years.
If you invest the same amount at regular periods, you're using a technique called dollar-cost averaging.
But one thing you can control are the fees you pay to invest, which can play a huge role in your performance.
And small investors who invest in commodities via the futures markets lose early and often.
But you can invest in commodities via exchange traded funds.
For millions of years, mothers have had to invest a huge amount of time and effort in their children.
How they respond may depend on the availability of nutrients and whether the plant would rather invest in growth or defense.
He can fly home regularly to visit relatives or invest his earnings in a new business.
Let us take an oath upon the codes, invest our personal honor in them, and suffer punishment for their violation.
Employers in turn may be less willing to invest in workers they think might be absent frequently or less productive.
Presumably it means as long as the company doesn't make enough profit to invest in future research.
Whether these pension fund managers had the skills to invest in venture was an altogether different question.
Bond investors also invest in pools of hundreds or even thousands of mortgages.
While it got easier to use after a week of practice, our advice is to invest in a cheap travel mouse.
The flip side is that because the label doesn't own the master, it may invest less in making the release a success.
More significantly, the government has allowed foreign airlines to invest in cargo airlines.
Mining firms, straining to meet soaring demand, are keen to invest heavily in the region.
Incentives to invest in the socialist republic included lengthy exemptions from taxes.
It encourages people to invest their dreams, their hopes for a better future, into an infinitesimal probability.
If firms loosen their purse-strings to hire workers and to invest, that will allow governments to scale back their borrowing.
These handsome profits meant that the firm could invest huge sums in research and development.
The country is also looking to invest billions of dollars in infrastructure projects.
Wooing the people in public-pension funds who invest in private equity may well be good policy.
Employers do not invest in training short-term workers and are wary of hiring on permanent contracts.
Aspiring librarians should invest in developing visualization and visual literacy skills.
As costs mounted, he says, the company lost its flexibility to invest in the future.
Then, when students graduate and get jobs they will pay back that tuition invest in the form of higher taxes.
It is difficult to invest the time, energy, and resources on something and to conclude that the results should not be published.
The university would need to invest in land and buildings and professors.
Invest in stronger, re-usable bags, and avoid plastic bags whenever possible.
So if you have something to sell and you know, you're selling it, you can invest back in your country.
If they can't invest in profitable companies, health insurance premiums would rise.
Better bet: find the companies offering the drug for sale, and invest in them.
R&D is expensive, and the private sector is more likely to invest in things they think are going to work.
Our nation needs to invest in renewable energy and strive to become energy independent.
Broadly, if you invest time in gardening, then you tend to stay put year after year.
In the post-peak world, the only way to keep oil prices as low as possible is to invest heavily in biofuels.
If hydrogen became more profitable than oil, the oil companies would invest in it.
At the time when food is around, it pays to invest energy in finding it.
We need to invest in the research and the development that brings about better earthquake safety.
The temptation to mislead oneself is the reason that journalists aren't, for example, supposed to invest in companies they cover.
In a mobile phone call, the caller initiates the conversation and then both parties invest a certain amount of time in the event.
Startup makes ridiculous claims and then gives you the exclusive opportunity to invest in the new revolution.
There's no fail-safe way to invest without any risk.
Exchange-traded funds are a low-cost way to invest in staples, delivering exposure to a number of companies on the cheap.
They have allowed companies to hire, invest in equipment and software and raise stock dividends.
There is no theoretical rationale why anyone should even want to invest in it.
He knows when to invest and--rarest of gifts--when to sell.

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