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If he mapped north to south, the map in his head inverted itself, as if he were looking at it upside down.
Averse to custom and precedent, as usual, she is not to crown her house of laws with the indispensable inverted cup.
In this case, the researchers were surprised to find that the familiar physics of slipstreaming were inverted.
The legs on a walking human body act not unlike inverted pendulums.
The image shows two of the unaltered and inverted face pictures that were used in the facial recognition test.
But it turns out that in the ocean what you have naturally is an inverted pyramid.
To provide the extra humidity this orchid likes, place the pot on an inverted saucer in a pan filled with pebbles and water.
Whatever they cost, though, the inverted business model of the company is refreshing.
Yes, the yield curve is still positive, and a long way from being inverted.
Goto has used a regular tomato cage in this example but inverted it as he usually does.
It turns itself off when inverted or held at weird angles.
She uses an inverted word order to signal the age of the tale.
To determine diameter, measure across the bottom of the inverted pan.
In it, he argues that technology has inverted our millennia-old relationship with memory.
In the past, an inverted yield curve has occurred before recessions.
The task was inverted for the other students, who were asked to name a category to which birds belong.
Branches stiffly upright, forming a beautiful inverted cone that spreads with age.
The rickety feel of century-old coasters meets the foot-dangling precariousness of inverted coasters.
Inverted drafting happens when a leading object encounters less drag than the object behind it.
The inverted commas are in there because everything is free.
Sprinkle the inverted bottom of each artichoke with salt.
Specifically, an inverted yield curve has preceded each of the last seven recessions.
The day wear was nothing new, with its silhouette of fitted jacket with an inverted champagne-flute skirt.
McCarthy said it was the first time the curve had inverted because short-term rates were rising and long-term rates were falling.
Then he inverted the images, making all the dark spots light and the light spots dark.
Halfway down the mountain, the six-year-old mastered the inverted right-left steering pattern.
There is a moment of vertigo before the inner ear accommodates the artificial gravity of this inverted world.
Place an inverted heatproof plate over the fish and artichokes to keep them submerged.
The messier the external world, the more powerful this inverted dynamic can be.
Set an oven rack at the middle level and place a baking stone or inverted baking sheet on it before preheating.
By some means or other, this order of things must be inverted if a league of nations is to come into being.
Drop small portions from tip of spoon on a buttered inverted dripping-pan two inches apart.
Drop mixture by teaspoonfuls on a thoroughly greased inverted dripping-pan one inch apart.
Often, the decisive cause would seem to be quality, but with a strangely inverted application.
The inverted order, which is normal in the complete exclamation, sounds natural also in the abbreviated form.
The reflected image needs to be inverted and flipped before the film is edited.
It's that triangle inverted as you look at it from underneath with a kind of scream face.
The decision not to use inverted commas in this case, then, is a decision.
But if the order is inverted, the plane will take a nosedive.
Now if that can be inverted, you can get all sorts of disputes in the kitchen that never could be resolved.
He presented his animal subjects with two inverted cups.
There was much that she herself might have imparted, of the mystery of reflected and inverted things.
With sensor networks this traffic asymmetry is inverted: they send far more data than they receive.
The repellent is contained within an inverted plastic cup that is skewered on a metal rod, with the rod pushed into the ground.
These channels are superb examples of inverted topography.
With a strange, inverted-ziggurat design, it won't win any beauty contests.
Not only does its position change along the chromosome, but its sequence is sometimes inverted or otherwise rearranged.
The basic idea is that what would happen if one day, you woke up and all your musical preferences were inverted.
Consider what happens if you push an inverted cup into a full bathtub: you trap a bubble of air inside.
For some reason my brain interprets the orientation of the galaxy differently when it's inverted.
But in fact, almost everyone perceives it as an inverted bowl, flattened at the top.
The logic is inverted for low quality females, who would attract less attention from other males.
Hare then steps back until he's standing between a pair of inverted plastic cups on the floor.
Once the chemicals had time to interact with the virus, scientists could examine the results with an inverted microscope.
Instead, all of the images in this show have been inverted to resemble enormous color negatives.

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