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Some invertebrates, particularly insects, were also adversely affected.
But regulators with spine are still better than invertebrates.
Most invertebrates-the vast majority of the animal kingdom-are abandoned when they are still eggs.
The vegetation crowds out and smothers coral, invertebrates and other organisms native to ocean reefs.
Lesser known groups of invertebrates perished wholesale at the level of genera and families.
Some rain forest invertebrates, especially venomous ones, pose some risk to humans.
It is unknown if levels that low are dangerous to invertebrates living in the water, but they were detectable.
Underwater vegetation is important because it is a habitat for the aquatic invertebrates bluegill eat.
The nooks and crannies of coral formations themselves shelter sea urchins, crabs and other invertebrates.
Now new research indicates that invertebrates, too, possess higher cognitive functions.
Plovers skitter along the glistening zone on beaches where the waves lap at the shore, foraging for insects and invertebrates.
Reptiles have some response, and lower vertebrates and invertebrates have rather small or no responses.
We can not empathize with the invertebrates in the same way.
There is wild disagreement, for example, over how radiation affects the fitness of birds and invertebrates.
Coral and sea anemones are in the same family of stinging invertebrates.
Anemones appear in an enchanting variety of shapes and colors, but these simple invertebrates are essentially tubelike animals.
Earthworms are invertebrates-they don't have an internal skeleton made of bone.
Pepper spray is toxic to a broad spectrum of invertebrates including beneficial insects.
The invertebrates are choking fishing nets and poisoning the catch with their toxic stingers, fishers say.
When threatened, the marine invertebrates produce two chemical secretions, ink and a milky mix of substances called opaline.
The team collects invertebrates from a heavily silted stream.
Other species of goatfish eat only invertebrates, while the yellow saddle variety chases mainly other fish.
Never before or since have terrestrial invertebrates grown to such prodigious sizes.
There are only subtle differences in the flavor profiles of these various shelled sea invertebrates.
Other species of goatfish eat only invertebrates, while the yellow saddle variety chases other fish.
Few other animals are known to show that characteristic, none of them invertebrates.
Scientists have long known that many species of invertebrates inhabit marine sponges.
Many invertebrates have shells of calcium carbonate that bear evidence of the physical conditions in which they formed.
Scientists are now discovering that some marine invertebrates possess abilities once thought to be reserved for humans.
In both vertebrates and invertebrates, the genes really do seem to work the same way.
All this seems somewhat intuitive, but few studies have examined concrete effects of stress in invertebrates.
Among the invertebrates the octopus, squid and cuttlefish are rather brainy.
It first infects invertebrates called copepods, which it causes to swim around more, making them easier prey for stickleback fish.
However, much of the aging research in invertebrates has yet to be replicated in more complex animals.
With invertebrates the matter becomes more speculative but some invertebrates also seem likely to experience pain.
Aquatic invertebrates live in the bottom parts of our waters.
Marine invertebrates often serve as symbols of seashore environments.
Invertebrates include insects, as well as anything other animal life that does not have a backbone.
Invertebrates are playing an increasingly important role in biomedical research.
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