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Example sentences for invertebrate

It is the first known case in which a human disease infected a marine invertebrate.
Many species of invertebrate have shells or skeletons made of calcium carbonate.
The giant sea spider, whose long mouthpart sucks the tissue out of its invertebrate prey.
Spiders are the dominant invertebrate predator in many land-based ecosystems.
But the lesson remains the same, whether it's an invertebrate squirming on the grill or a puppy.
He has created a remarkable series of images of previously invisible invertebrate fossils preserved in amber.
The invertebrate takes its name from the equally flashy terrestrial anemone flower.
The world's largest land invertebrate, the species can grow to three feet, measured from the tip of one leg to another.
The centipede is an invertebrate, or an animal without a spine.
But it was the other invertebrate lineages that would take the simple eyespot and turn it into something incredible.
With their keen vision and deadly-accurate pounce, jumping spiders are the cats of the invertebrate world.
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