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In open-loop applications, the focus is beginning to shift beyond simple stock-taking and inventory control.
Order, maintain, and inventory supplies and equipment.
Making a home more eco-friendly should start with a quick inventory of your energy-guzzling appliances.
There may have been even more, but unless a more complete inventory is found, it is impossible to know.
Some call it excess capacity, but others say it is greatly needed inventory.
Many different ways exist to do even something as uninspiring as writing software to manage a retail inventory.
The boost from inventory changes will continue to fade, as will the help from federal stimulus.
In the end, finding the perfect accommodations means matching your tastes to the hotel's available room inventory.
We must adapt our resource usage to our available and sustainable inventory.
Objects that you will use your inventory items on are outlined in yellow from time to time to remind you.
So, my next suggestion is to hire on for one of those firms that does inventory.
There is no comprehensive inventory of methane clathrates existing beneath the sea floor.
Its legacy is giant lots stacked with inventory that may never sell.
Maintain a perpetual inventory of all district property.
Inventory arrives on the factory floor only as and when it is needed.
As currently defined, a product's water footprint is an inventory of the total amount of water that goes into its manufacture.
The grand gesture of this new age was to traverse and inventory a continent.
In previous recessions, inventory as a percentage of sales spiked alarmingly.
First, researchers will take an inventory of available open software that is in use or could meet government needs.
The size of a language's phoneme inventory is not at all obvious.
Now their prospects are brightening as the inventory cycle turns and global trade starts to recover.
Business spending also rose, on net, with employment and capital spending edging up but inventory investment slowing.
One big difference is the way retailers are treating inventory.
Firms are also trying to reduce their inventory costs.
One problem is the lack of inventory which can fluctuate over time to cope with changing demand on a daily basis.
Speaking of trade, here is a story about the incredible inventory overhang in shipping.
It will take on inventory risk and act as a troubleshooter for small firms.
The rising demand for steel led to a drop of inventory.
Housing prices can only get cheaper by next summer, with a buildup of inventory.
Animals are rarely served whole, and innards are not considered worth marketing and have faded from the inventory of edible foods.
Thus, inventory management quickly becomes an annoying, frustrating chore.
But you remain officially tied to the original supervisor, and part of their inventory.
Logistical problems have cost it sales and added to its inventory.
These translate into enormous efficiencies: the company manages to shift inventory twice as fast as the industry average.
He tallies up such an thorough inventory of the rebel arsenal that he's practically auditing their quartermasters.
There could be inventory floating around in storerooms and repair shops.
The damage-report clearly identified the damaged items---by inventory number and name---and specified the damage.
Still, the available inventory keeps growing, including artists' back catalogs.
He has closed underperforming shops, reduced inventory and trimmed debt.
Many of its stores are now shedding inventory in clearance sales.
The plunge in manufacturing is in part the result of a huge global inventory adjustment.
And the site has capacity for no more than two days of inventory.
The whole industry is straining to find ways of making cars to order rather than producing them for inventory.
Inventory control, price negotiations with suppliers, processing patients and financing new equipment are all tricky tasks.
They established security at the museum complex and, huddling with museum authorities, began an inventory of missing treasures.
Each player gets an avatar that can be fitted with a number of inventory and wardrobe options including hijabs.
There are also video games that require money and inventory management to excel at.
Such tags could make tracking inventory much easier.
The end of year inventory is mentioned in the piece.
They filmed the premises, made an inventory, and forced the center's members to leave before putting locks on all entrances.
Cash for maintaining the military's aging and existing inventory of planes, trucks, guns and bombs is up.
Sponsorships and time-slot campaigns are the key to moving out of the doldrums of low-value, high-inventory web advertising.
At the end of each shift, the nurses would take inventory of all the drugs.
As she reached high school age, she took on more responsibility, doing invoicing and inventory.
There are lots of bad, a few so-so, and some great computer programs to help you create an inventory.
Its inventory is down by double digits compared with last year.
But unlike other big-ticket corporations, it doesn't have an inventory of widgets or gadgets, cars or phones.
Inventory rebuilding had been an important source of strength driving the economic rebound.
The inventory has been diverted directly to discount outlets.
There's plenty of gasoline in inventory and crude oil prices have been dropping a lot.
Last month's increased sales also didn't do much to help lower the inventory of new homes for sale.
If this inventory was all visible to the market at once, prices would bottom out quicker.
Make sure your insurance covers not only property and inventory damage and loss, but also for business interruption.
To clear out housing inventory, you'll need to rely on people who have cash to spend.
Weak home sales and continuing foreclosures result in climbing real estate inventory.
Dealers take non custom inventory and craft deals that make it attractive to their local buyers.
With consumer spending slack, corporations haven't been letting inventory pile up.
But the inventory of existing houses, while falling, remains high.
In sum, there's a lot of inventory out there relative to demand.
Further price declines seem likely given the toxic mix of blighted mortgage markets and swollen inventory.
Much of that was from inventory restocking which will not be repeated.
Meanwhile, inventory of existing home sales is actually a little higher than it was a year ago.
Falling sales plus a high level of inventory adds up to downward pressure on prices.
But the money is spread across an ever-growing inventory of web pages.
Sceptics argue that the pick-up simply reflects a temporary boost from rebuilding inventory, with no real increase in demand.
It will take many years to get rid of this inventory before the construction industry can start producing again.
Virtual distribution does away with manufacturing, packaging, transport and inventory costs.
Perhaps: part of the difficulty of writing is taking personal inventory.
The plot revolved around an illicit inventory of clones.
Some stores' inventory was wiped out within minutes.
Get driving directions and check car inventory on dealer websites.
It's going to take a few weeks to use up all our old paper inventory and to adjust all those press machines.
The company has no product left in inventory from this batch of pig ears.

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