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The famous inventor envisioned a future of inexpensive, prefabricated concrete homes.
The invention is of use to the inventor, of questionable help to any other.
After presiding over years of technological innovations, the inventor himself still prefers the simplicity of a slide rule.
If the piracy act protects greed, without taking into account society's contributions to the inventor, it is a bad law.
But the inventor hopes to develop the device, and that the immediate feedback will convince people to change their transportation.
The bad news however is that they forgot to mention the originator and inventor of the beautiful theory.
Hunt is a physicist, engineer, and inventor who has launched several companies.
If money isn't everything to the independent inventor, he is likely to be cheap.
It is not a question of technology but of inventor's motivation.
He has gold hair, likes to smoke cigarettes, and is a brilliant inventor and defender of individualism.
But the secretive inventor may have to share some of the paternity now.
Nobody along this string of little beach resorts recognizes him as the inventor of a technique to turn people into geniuses.
The result is that it now takes an average of two to three years for an inventor to secure a patent.
The original inventor, however, can successfully challenge the patent if it can be proven the invention was taken from him.
The first is not to worry about selling much hardware but instead to sell your expertise as the inventor.
Each inventor has turned his idea for a new technology into a working prototype.
Except for the occasional naysayer who claims to be the true inventor, these facts are reasonably undisputed.

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