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Small businesses account for the majority of new inventions, new innovations and job growth.
Perhaps today there would be more interesting inventions to be hold.
They're mainly things that don't happen: inventions that don't get made, useful drugs that never get to market.
Besides, in a centred mind, it signifies nothing how many mechanical inventions you exhibit.
The operations of the commercial machine were facilitated by many useful and beautiful inventions.
Participants set up booths to showcase their products and inventions.
These absolutely, absolutely pure souls of the environmentalists and its inventions.
There is no more guarantee that you can keep your valuable inventions, unless you have the means to finance and secure them.
As the need for alternative fuel sources grows then so too will the rate of discoveries and inventions grow to satisfy that need.
The possibilities for new inventions were seemingly limitless.
It is the work of people whose inventions open our minds.
Money aside, there have been some great inventions as a result of space exploration.
The value comes from translating ideas into inventions and inventions into successful ventures.
At the time he obtained several patents for high power solar cell inventions.
Corporations, which are only artificial legal inventions, cannot.
From four in the afternoon to seven in the morning, he typed his inventions into his laptop.
German mechanical engineers are brilliant at improving existing inventions.
Those inventions serve as building blocks for other inventions.
Utility model and design patents are for small improvements or ornamental designs, ie cosmetic changes rather than inventions.
And newer inventions and innovations come at a torrid pace.
All our great inventions are admired first, and seen as useful, later.
He deserves to be recognized for all of his inventions that helped shape our technological world.
Academia and industry hunt in vain for few genius scientists and breakthrough inventions.
It wants to have those glory technological inventions that give its people a sense of pride in returning to its former greatness.
Inventors need companies to move their ideas forward, and companies need inventions to help their businesses grow.
He formed and led companies to profit from his inventions.
Many of his inventions were failures, some were good enough as inventions but not commercial success.
It was a groundbreaking decision, even for a company with a long history of inventions and innovations.
Featuring commentary from scholars, the film includes tests of his inventions, including his tank and parachute.
They're primitive inventions designed by people who didn't fully grasp the consequences of their actions.
Develops, administers, and monitors the patents and inventions program.
All of the inventions have patents pending and are available for licensing or collaborative research opportunities.
Urges consumers to use caution when it comes to determining market potential for their inventions.
At this point invite the students to think of their own inventions or gimmicks to sell.

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