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As he became part of this world of pink and white, so full of tradition, he invented new techniques for drawing and painting it.
He invented the basic methods of artificially binding nitrogen through the use of hydrocarbons.
We are apt to feel insulted that the patient has wasted our time with invented tales.
Generally, the weaker a writer's rational basis, the more he appealed to history-and invented it.
They also invented writing, and then filled millions of tablets with their intricate, detailed characters.
Some people contend that beer may have been the staple of mankind's diet even before bread was invented.
Native peoples invented precursors to all these and made huge strides in medicine and agriculture.
The land that invented commercial bungee jumping is a thrill-seeker's paradise.
Many of the techniques used to create the unique ship were invented on the fly.
She has invented a machine combining the effects of light and ultra-sound for use in biotechnology.
To this end, he invented a machine for composing map type photographically that ultimately improved overall type legibility.
His research was so current and new that much of the time he invented his exploration equipment as he went.
The iPod was invented whole cloth, even if it used individual pieces of tech that existed in the world.
We've invented a lot of green technologies, but we've also failed to embrace them.
He had invented the science of wrinkling and perfected the art of surprise.
We were doing a bad job of evaluating the merits of refrigerators and automobiles, so he invented a distinct evaluation science.
And the two year reporting was largely invented as an avoidance of the true default rates.
The country that invented railways is about to go high speed.
For a business that uses open and networked innovation, it matters less where ideas are invented.
But several researchers have found it surprisingly easy to make people fess up to invented misdemeanours.
However many new justifications are invented for the government to pick winners, and coddle losers, it will remain a bad old idea.
They and their colleagues have invented a way for damaged metals to heal themselves.
When lithium-ion batteries were invented, mobile phones became small enough to be slipped into a pocket.
Its researchers invented both the web and the computer.
So when our ancestors invented cooking, it gave them a major survival advantage.
Invented method for improving wireless services by beaming signals directly to mobile users.
There are lots of really wonderful things which have been invented for decades.
Thus dark matter was invented to get answers to a problem.
It is impossible for the brain to mimic process of a computer as computers are invented by the brains.
When the printing press was invented, many monks mourned the decline of vellum and the loss of the illuminator's art.
Cars were invented, meaning you had no excuse for not traveling across town.
Say that someone invented a new furnace tomorrow that used half as much oil as old furnaces.
Back when mortgage-backed securities were invented a couple of decades ago, they were a pretty slick idea.
It seemed to her that they'd invented characters for their children.
The lawn has become so much a part of the suburban landscape that it is difficult to see it as something that had to be invented.
They invented a disease so that they could sell the cure.
Airplanes are such simple devices that in their basic form they seem to have been discovered as much as invented.
So scientists have invented a more concrete way to pin down what our noses are telling us.
Imagine that someone has invented a working teleportation device.
It has even invented a number of nutria-based recipes, encouraging citizens to make nutria a delicious part of their daily diets.
And that is how he invented quantum physics and relativity.
Accurate-to-the-second time and date only work well locally, so time zones were invented to standardize.
It is an invented technology, created out of whole cloth.
To the best of my knowledge, this technique and the software to do it was invented and perfected by amateurs.
Guns wouldn't be invented for well over a thousand years.
Then photography was invented, and that whole trend reversed itself.
When the school opened, the children invented their own sign language.
No names because they can be invented and cannot be checked.
The great singer was one of those for whom the word changeling was invented.
Not only have they retained much of their old arsenal of repression, they have invented subtler ways of quashing dissent.
However, quartz technology is based on a decades-old industry that has changed little since integrated circuits were invented.
The people are taught that the leader invented everything.
There probably wasn't much of a demand for oil until the internal combustion engine was invented.
C++ remains the single largest cause of programming disasters ever invented.
Photographers have been manipulating imagery since the medium was invented.
Nintendo invented a video game you control with a magic wand.
All of us in our imaginary bodies, sharing an invented reality.
He invented the theme park and originated the modern multimedia corporation.
Had the word processor been invented in his lifetime, he would almost certainly have found it abhorrent.
Since semiconductors are elements or compounds, they were not invented by people.

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